Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Album Time!

I am finally getting around to posting photos of Lily's baptism day. Look at my beautiful big girl. Gosh I love her. The dress she is wearing was graciously lent to her from her Great Grandma Sharon (Gigi), who had it stored from a past collection of "angel dresses" that myself and my cousins wore when we were little girls as part of a Nativity tradition on Christmas Eve. The entire ensemble of little granddaughters (beginning with me and spanning over 20+ more over the years!) always dressed in white as angels. The lights would be turned out and we'd each hold our own burning candle and sing Silent Night to our captivated and uproarious audience ( ie, family). At the time, it simply seemed like a fun excuse to dress up and potentially ignite your sister's hair into flames, but now - looking back - I smile at that sweet image of all of us girls. What cute little girl voices we must have had in our little girl choir. Those were such happy and fulfilling memories for me, so distant now... Many things have changed over the years so it especially made me feel warm and comforted to see my own daughter in this dress. I can see Paige and Megaleedee in it right now! 
Anyhoo, I guess my point is that I was blessed with a rich history of tradition and family while growing up. I so hope to wrap my daughter up in that tight, thick fabric of love and memory built around gathering and celebrating and worshiping. Such things really do stay with you in a powerful way.

The baptism went beautifully. Our close friends and family came, so it was an intimate and happy celebration. Family was involved throughout the whole ceremony: Aunties opened with the prayer and music, Uncle Jacob and Grandma Alexis each spoke, and Nonna was there to help Lily out of the baptismal font and get her dressed after Tyler baptized her. Later, everyone wrote Lily sweet notes that she can now tuck away into her journal and Pop closed with a prayer. I tried to capture as many photos as I could and will print them for her little baptism scrapbook.

And as an album disclaimer: it is clear that it was not our day for photos...

(Tired little sisters, what can ya do?!)

Honestly, I'm kinda upset at all the people who I MISSED getting photos of!!! Loved ones who came and supported and shared in this special day with us and I don't have a single gosh darn photo on record! ?!!!?!!!

Peeps, I gotta say. It is hard being the hostess and the mother and the baptism program organizer and the pianist and the photographer. I'm not complaining so much as explaining my incompetence. This really IS my first rodeo. So please, sweet family who might notice they are not in this album: accept my apologies! I am so bummed! 


 {Gamma and Pop!}

The after party:

 {Auntie Sarah and Auntie Mal}

 {Uncle John and Aunt Ellie!}

 {The spread: sandwiches, orzo salad, miramonte salad, and desserts. Yum!}

 {Sawyer with his Mama...Uncle Cwistomer in the background}

 {Ellie and Ellie!}

 {Cousin brawl break-out}

{and a happy Lily. So darn lucky to have so many good people who love her!}

It was a good day.

The end!

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