Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birthday outing.


Gosh, I'm so behind in this space. I still haven't posted Christmas photos for pete's sake! Oh well. Whenever I get to it I'll get to it. You know. 

Last month was a birthday which marked the 30th glorious year of my love. I lined up two separate shifts of our most highly prized babysitters and planned a full day for us to simply meander around alone at the beaches. It was so fun.

First, we decided to check out The Grove. A friend had recommended the daily farmer's market. We were not disappointed.

So much YUM. Vendors of all ethnicities with foods that hailed all sorts of exotic delights and those cookies? THOSE COOKIES. In two words? SHUT. UP. 

Later we rented bikes and cruised way down the seaside and took disastrous selfies and sort of pinched ourselves. Lovely.

Now allow me to wax super sappy schmaltzy about him. What a privilege it has been to spend the past decade by his side. I really love my husband. Like, REALLY really. And even that sounds like a silly cheezeball sound byte. He works so hard to take such good care of me, and in turn always shows appreciation for the ways I try really hard to take care of him too. He's the best team-mate, lover, and friend a girl like me could dream of. And he's real too. And human, and merging our two very real, even flawed, human selves together has been the most worthwhile endeavor of my life.
Thank you, God, for my husband.

He's only getting better and better with time.


Lori Haack said...

My daughter-in-love! Every mother needs someone to love and take care of their son like our Rachel has done for us. Thank you for sharing.

Rachel Haack said...

Aww, thanks sweet mother-in-love;)

Emily Anne said...

goodness i love this a lot.


Katy Nicole. said...

You two are SO cute and just so REAL life!! Loving your outfit-especially the headband!

Joan said...

This makes me happy.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing two people madly and completely in love.
I still remember the first time you described Tyler to me and showed me a pic of him. I recall swooning over his yellow Jeep with you :) hahaha. So many great memories!

Rachel Haack said...

How hilarious is that memory?!! He never even got a yellow jeep so that must have been when his parents were considering it and I was going on and on about how "hot" "my boyfriend" would look in it. I was ssssssuch a nerdy nerd nerd teenage girl. SO embarrassing!

Rachel Haack said...

Thanks Em and Katy:)!