Monday, April 21, 2014

the sweet life presents: all about emmie.

This weekend was all about celebratin'. Saturday and Sunday were a combination of two CAPITAL E's!


What a happy couplet, I'll tell you what.
We started Saturday with a small celebration. Just our little family and our most-est special-est wonderful-est adorable-est  lovely-est star-est of the show-est: 
Emmie Lady!!!!

(Sorry, I can't help but get super est-y when talking about my baby girl)

We started her day off with presents. She had packages to unwrap from Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and her sisters. And good news, I finally found her book! Each of my girls have had books that served as little representations for their party celebrations as babies. It started with a Fancy Nancy book given to Lily from good friends...which led to London's theme here, and Ellie Jane's theme here. I kept having trouble finding a book that really felt like my Emerson. So I kept browsing bookstores over time and decided to just wait until something caught my eye. We didn't have a book for her first birthday, but luckily I happened upon this one a few months ago and saved it for her 2nd...
 It's a story about a Springtime Princess in search of a gift for her grandmother. 

My spring-time girl who is named after her grandmother (see here)! Princess Maelie even looks kinda like a grown up character version of our Emmie.

(Emerson and her fan club)

  (Cuz it's her party and she'll cry if she wants to.)

Oh how I wwwwwwuv this wittle face....

Later, we took her to the pool for her new favorite activity.

A wittle fish she is!...

And last, we celebrated with her cake...

 A lemon cake with real strawberry buttercream frosting ...(recipe to follow later)
Very spring. Very Sweet. Very Emerson.

Emerson my love,
my sunshine baby,
my heart,

We sure love you. 
You make us all so happy, and you especially fill your Mama's soul with a unique kind of sweetness and joy. Thank you for being here with us, we are the luckiest.

You're TWO!??!!!

Happy Birthday.

Love Forever,


Also, a peek into Emerson's past:

Emerson turns one HERE.
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Ashley said...

Happy birthday pretty girl! Oh what fun Chase and Emmie would have swimming. He is our little fish too:)

Alexis said...

SHE IS PURE PERFECTION...Oh how I love this little Dolly.
So glad you have soldiered on having babies through all the pregnancy sickness....Thank Heavens for you and her (Tyler too, I guess;)
Emmie is the perfect reason that it is better that our planning isn't the "plan"...
Happy Birthday Little Miss Yummy

Joan said...

It absolutely boggggggles my mind how you throw these darling themed after a book parties complete with perfect photo shoot. I gave up on cutesie parties when James turned four. I burned out super fast in the party department.
I'm glad you haven't. I'm certain your girls appreciate your attention to every last darling detail.
Happy Birthday Miss Emerson Alexis!