Friday, May 23, 2014

an important discovery.

it's amazing how much time it takes me to learn the simplest of lessons. if only i could raise my kids completely and then be allowed a total do-over. you knowafter i'd figured every thing out and ironed out all those kinks that tripped me up as an amateur first-timer. first, it was the first-time mom, followed by first-time mom with two kids. followed by first-time mom with three kids. followed by first-time mom with four kids. i'm over this first-time nonsense. i want to start by being a SECOND time mom all across the board, dammitall. i'd slam dunk that sucker for sure.

all of these feelings have arisen from my newest discovery: the perfect place to study. at this desk, with the views of my trees right out the window. isn't it lovely? so serene. so soothing.

nevermind the fact that this is what is going on behind me.

yep. i've plopped myself directly in the playroom. and whaddayaknow?!, it is like the best place EVER to get some actual WORK DONE. 

normally, when i have work to do that requires any attention or focus i try to find a boring, quiet place in the house to retreat to, a place my children will surely find uninteresting. only to have them continually follow me (?!), like little ducks (!!), into whatever space i'm in. seriously? 

i could be in an empty, concrete cellar, juxtaposed to another room loaded with a full size amusement park, ice rink, theater, AND live Disney characters and i swear my children would STILL opt to stay positioned firmly within 7 inches of my body. 

all of this has taught me that A) this is an awfully sweet and flattering predicament to find oneself in, to be so loved, and B) playrooms are relatively pointless. my children will never play in their playroom unless mom is in it with them. and since i can't spend the entirety of my day combing barbie hair and counting blocks, i might as well begin my work right along side them. i've set up shop in the playroom officially, and it's working out surprisingly well. we'll still call it the playroom, but now it's really more of a plworkroom if you ask me.

considering the nauseatingly large amounts of toys we have accumulated over the years, it is nice to see them actually play. so long as they feel close enough to hear my heartbeat, i am free to make some progress with my own tasks. win win.

so yeah, this message: get your work done in the playroom! read your book in the playroom! type your emails in the playroom! write your thank you notes in the playroom! pay your bills in the playroom! is being brought to you courtesy of the first-time mom with four kids who just figured this out and is sparing you the trouble of having to have four kids until you figure it out in the future for yourself. consider yourself lucky, i'll be charging in the future for this sort of wisdom.

the end.

happy weekend!


Ali said...

So true Rae! Now that I have an open slate in our new house to arrange, I am going to keep this in mind as I configure my study space! This is such a good reminder to us moms out there that many of our so-called-problems really aren't problems at all! We ARE loved! Love ya, ali

Rachel Haack said...

I'm so glad u are going to be closer to meeeeeee!!!!