Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meal Planning Mondays: on Tuesday {again}. because i really know how to shake things up in the hizzie.

so, hiiiiii! how was your weekend? how was your Monday? Monday-ish? i really like mondays, if you must know. that is, after i get over the temporary cloud of depression on sunday around 3pm knowing that it is looming in the forecast. fun's over. back to business. early waking hours and productivity must rule the day. but by 9 am on monday morning? i'm rolling with it. it's like i've got my sprint on, i've most likely completed a morning workout (woot woot!), beds are made promptly, laundry in the works, i'm a beast of efficiency and it ain't stopping until...wednesday-ish? wednesday is like the prophetic day warning of thursday's impending doom. thursday is usually a real loser kind of day. i lose my stamina, my kids are most likely late to school, the entirety of their lunch consists of three varieties of leftover crackers from the pantry. my outfit is an schnazzy ensemble of old t-shirts accessorized with grimy teeth, which i have entirely forgotten to brush until tyler comes through the door at the end of the day, only to be struck dead to the floor when he attempts to greet me with a kiss. friday? friday restores hope. saturday and sunday? the weekend!

rinse and repeat.

i did not intend on saying any of this. let's get back on track, shall we? we shall.

today i want to cover...

#1. FOOD.
do you love crepes? i do. but i had completely forgotten about this fact for quite some time, until we hit up the farmer's market last thursday night. i took lily and london out and we enjoyed our big girl time roaming through the stands, one of which offered ginormous and delicious, warm crepes. we moaned our way through a rich, gooey combination of nutella and cream.
in fact, we were having so much fun together that we lost track of time. it wasn't until we were cruising down the highway in the late night air, windows down and music blasting as we got our dance on, that tyler called wondering where on earth were we?, reminding us of the reality of a school night. buzzzzz kill. nice to have a shift of roles, for once. i kindly thanked the bad cop, then ended the call and totally pulled a huffy-eye-roll-Dad-says-we-have-to-get-back move. i threw him right under that metaphorical parenting bus, yes i did. it was wrong and i knew it, but that night opened my eyes to a glimpse of such future potential! i think my girls and i just might make really good friends someday - that is, if i play my cards right. i can't seem desperate here. {i am.}

returning to the subject of crepes:
luckily, tyler {aka bad cop. it has such a nice ring to it doesn't it?} has turned into the unexpected master of crepe making in our household. he whipped up another luxurious batch on sunday morning. (scroll down for recipe!).

sawyer & auntie sarah!!!!!

sarah so graciously permitted us to babysit soyboy for the ENTIRE day on saturday (!!! yay!!!) while she attended a bachelorette day in palm springs with some friends. on her way out the door, she said, 

"K, i'm not gonna lie. i am fearful for my child's life a little right now."


what are you saying, sarah?

are you saying our house seems a little chaotic? crazy? manic? unsafe?

how about FUN? huh?!

 don't fear for your child's life when he stays with us. fear that he won't want to go back to the bore-fest snore-fest noooormal life he'll soon realize he was dealing with before. 

 Burnnnnnnn! OH snap OH NO she didn't!!!!

that's right.


actually, soyboy spent the majority of the day in deep observation slash excitement slash fear over tyler. sawyer adores his cousins, is warming up to me, and still very much does not know what he thinks of uncle tyler. he watches him from a safe distance. this distanced widened even further when we took him to the pool. he would attempt to put a single toe in the water, maybe, and only when he was sure tyler had exited the scene entirely.

tyler would like to think sawyer's wide-eyed gaze and apprehension falls more within the lines of starstruck admiration than fear. a man who is obviously surrounded by so many fiiine ladies must know what he's doing. soy's just soaking it in. learning proper man skills. tyler is like sawyer's Dos Haackquis, the most interesting man in the worldstay starstruck, my friend.

in any event, we're sure it had nothing to do with the enormous height discrepancy or the fact that sawyer witnessed tyler repeatedly rocket launching ellie jane into the water.

he was happy when he heard his mama return through the front door later that evening....

hooooray!!! he's alive!!! barely.

#3 PALS.

sawyer and emerson. cute swishy diaper bellies.

Pals is a bit of a loose interpretation, which includes eye scratching, toy stealing, and the occasional slap/hair pulling until adults separate them. For two year-olds, this is as good as it gets.

{this is usually the part in my posts when tyler stops reading and says you think you're so funny, don't you?}




they smiled down on me Saturday. i scored this coffee table for $20.

i would prefer a non-glass top (hello, children, please - by all means - rub your boogery peanut buttery hands all over me.). but for $20, can't complain.


we said our goodbyes to sarah and sawyer. sad. we sure miss our family.

after that, sunday business as usual.

Time for recipe links!
Here are a few things we enjoyed:

Happy MonTuesday!


Joan said...

That Sawyer is DREAMY!!! Wow, he's a handsome kid. Such a squishy.
Lucky that you got to have him for the day :)

Katy Nicole. said...

You Hansen sisters are so dang cute! Love the pics of the cute cousins too!