Saturday, May 3, 2014

scenes from a birthday escape.

for my big 3-0, tyler flew his mom in to watch the girls and whisked me away to san diego!

we chose la jolla, a little seaside town near downtown. it was a bit misty and rainy for the weekend. not quite the sunny escape we planned. but it was cozy and a perfect time for some real r&r. we had nothing, absolutely nothing! on the agenda for a solid three days. just wandering and eating and sleeping.

we went for a run one day and found this swing overlooking the ocean. uh, buh bam! 

this restaurant has been around since the 19th century and had amazing views of the ocean. it was once a beach house for some typically rich san diego dude. question. why are so many people the owners of seaside mansions and i am not? tyler and i review this fact frequently. we are offended.

the corned beef hash was deeeelicious. however, nothing will ever ever ever beat the roasted artichoke hearts drizzled in crispy prosciutto and onions and general amazzzzzingness that we had a little italian restaurant nearby. oooooh man.

 and yes. overalls are back! do you know how long i've been waiting for this day?!!! 

 hi sea lions!

oh to be snooty and rich and wear an ascot!

insert my mom's words here: you are rich.
abundantly wealthy in all the things that matter. this is truth.

thanks, husband.

{and nonna the nanny!}


Joan said...

So, do you have a professional photog follow you around while you're on vacay? haha.
I'm DY-ING about your sultry, posed pic with Tyler and your "I'm just peering out into the ocean, NBD" pose. hahaha.
I LOVE you and I like to tease you :)Can ya tell?
Ps: I'm fuh-reaking out about how LONG your hair is??! How do you do that?! Miracle grow??? No fair.
Pss: I'm really, really liking your hair blonde again. I think I like it best on you. I'm a total sucker for blonde...still.

Rachel Haack said...

Thanks and tease away...your comment brought me back to the old days, laughing in our little bedroom in Provo! Ahh, miss u.

Katy Nicole. said...

Thirty looks good on you girlfriend!So glad you could get away for a bday escape with your man!!

Miss you!