Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcoming Summer.

How was your holiday weekend?

Lazy? Warm? Was any hope ushered in with higher temperatures? Did the anticipation of sunshine help stamp out those last bit of winter doldrums and boredom? 

Did you get any rest?

Or, possibly some indulge in yummy sweets or BBQ?

 {awaiting their promised Saturday morning special donut delivery from Daddy, right after his morning basketball game}

Our weekend was positively lazy and meandering and good. I can't handle sticking around at home with the kids for too long though. We end up going completely stir crazy, and the kids fill their time with too much television or begin mercilessly and methodically destroying every room in the house. But because we figured it was a busy holiday, we weren't really in the mood to head to the crowded beaches or anywhere inland. So many people around here. We've already got a crowd, thank you very much.

We opted to explore our neck of the woods.

And oh. my. gosh. did we discover.

We yelped a good hiking trail that promised waterfalls and streams to splash in. It was a hot Memorial Day for us, so a long walk with cool water to play in along the way was incentive enough to pack up a picnic and head into the great outdoors for the day....

The girls were little troopers and roamed through the hills and rocky streams happily. I got to cuddle my emerson bug along the way. What is it about having a baby strapped to you? It's so lovely.

There was a good deal of Haack lady water frolicking and rock jumping.

Emerson was particularly delighted to hone her ability to throw rocks. HARD. 

It wasn't long before she was sopping wet, stripped down, and enjoying the wild life with a cookie.

By the way, have you noticed?

the deficits in personality and expression we seem to suffer in this family? 

Yeah, me neither.

Goobers. These girls. Such goobers.

We finished off the hike with a stop for slurpees. Tyler and I held hands, drinking our large fountain DDP's like happy nerd lovers the whole drive home. 

It felt good to have our girls with us, and spend a little family time roaming our {seriously unbelievably} lovely earth. What a gift!

We knows these days are limited.

There is so much good on the horizon,  but I know I will quickly yearn for the days that we could easily pack up and head out for a day's adventure without too much effort or scheduling.

Life feels simple and beautiful and sacred right now.

I am grateful.


Joan said...

We enjoyed a very similar holiday weekend. I'm right there with ya, sister. We live such a blessed and beautiful life with these incredible little people at our sides.
Benson was such a love bug our entire hike saying things like, "Now step here Mom. Careful. You can do it Mom. Isn't this fun!?"
Melt my heart. I love this time in our lives.

Joan said...

Ps: look at you, ya skinny little waif with your sassy tank and bootie spandies on?!?! #jealous

Joan said...

Pss: Gasp! Are those Spongebob Squarepants crocks I see?!?!

Psss: Get your buns over to my blog and comment already! (Even thought I haven't posted in ages). Oops.