Monday, July 21, 2014

Meal Planning Mondays: the girls are back in town.

hey HAY.

the big girls returned last week. i am once again a mom in the fullest sense of our crazy little girl world, and it feels good. vacation re-energized us all like a nice re-set button. i wanted them to return to a better mama. one who had a chance to realize just how much she enjoys being surrounded by her children.

and! tyler managed to make my playroom idea come to life just in time to welcome lils and lundy back. that guy is the muscle to my madness. he gets out those power tools and sets to work and i'm like. hubba. hubba.

then i start nit-picking and obsessing over details and telling him that such-and-such looks crooked and maybe we should hang it over there instead and i didn't expect the color to look quite so bright and he's like get. out.

sigh, it's all so sexy really.

i wanted to gut the closet that was packed with junk. it has a nice, deep space that i was hoping to put to better use. i envisioned a little nook where the girls could plop down and read. we utilized old ikea shelves we had in the garage, some chalk paint, and new trim to frame the closet and create a deep bench.  i found two perfectly sized doggy beds to serve as the bottom cushions, and a variety of throw pillows. i gots to admit, i'm really happy with how it turned out.

we also did a little re-arranging.

and these desks?

i got a set on craigslist for $25. i could die. just die. what a steal. the girls now have the perfect place to do homework come the new school year.

the first few weeks of summer are blissful in their freedom. then we all start to go a little nuts. there is only so much sun/water/chlorine one can handle, we can't continue to live on popsicles and television, so i've re-instituted some schedule and activities to keep the anarchy to a minimum. 

for the last leg of summer, i promised to dedicate myself to spending a couple hours every morning consciously attentive and working with the girls. we're talking full, 100% attention. i feel sad when i think of how distracted i can be, even as a stay-at-home mother. i don't want to waste this sacred time with them, you know? these little people won't be here forever. it's going too fast.  

here are a few affordable activities we enjoy:

*art projects 
*card games 
(i get all of the above at the dollar tree)
*library visits (most have good summer reading programs. my girls love to track their progress and return for prizes)
*museum trips 
*music time 
*reading time
*learning-to-bake time
*playing "school" with work-books

tyler and i grabbed these workbooks while out on a date one evening. we often meander through barnes and noble as a cheap date night activity. only it is NOT. at all. it's like crack cocaine, that barnes and noble. all our money? poof!! sayonara! gone! Out we walk with like 7 self-help titles, 2 cookbooks, 9 paperback classic novels, 3 parenting manuals, and an entire home-school curriculum for our kids. BARNES AND NOBLE IS A TERRIBLE CHEAP DATE NIGHT IDEA.

anyways. i like the brain-quest brand best for learning workbooks. they are colorful and well illustrated, packed with a ton of stickers in the back, and generally seem to do good job of tricking my kids into thinking they aren't doing "work". if i can get them to complete a workbook over the summer, i consider all of my super-parenting duties complete.

all in all, our play-school is going well. 

that is, as long as you don't factor in miss emmie girl. who is two.

two year-olds are naughty, naughty students.

the source of many distractions.

well, i think that's about it for today folks. you have a great monday.

signing off!

oh wait! MEAL PLANS!!! i almost forgot.

on the menu this week:

Coconut Curry Noodle Bowls (it's vegan yo.)

Grilled Steak and Veggies  (it's NOT vegan yo.)

and we must not forget:


Ali said...

Rae!!! I love your playroom overhaul! Love it, love it, love it! Beautiful and such happy energy...can I do homework at your house? Better yet, will you do my homework at your house? ;) Love your wonderful self reflections inspire me. I just love you.

Shinae said...

The room looks so good!!

Rachel Haack said...

How about u come stay with me and we will do our homework TOGETHER. And get cheesecake frozen yogurt at mavericks;) oh the memories! Love u too homedawg

Rachel Haack said...

Thanks nae nae!!!

Joan said...

You have mastered the art of visualizing and executing. I wish I could be as confident as you about throwing colors/ patterns all together and having it all make sense. It's a totall talent... one I have yet to acquire. Thank you for inspiring me to try! :)

Natalie in Sparks said...

That room is so great! I love all the color, and the closet turned reading nook is PERFECT! Miss you!!