Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For the kids.

We're off to a family wedding for the weekend!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share an activity that kept my kids happy for a few hours on one of those lllllllong, summer afternoons. The kind of day when Emerson is napping and the older ladies cannot refrain from repeatedly reminding me how boring their life is.:) 

*Grab a roll of butcher paper (I always stock up on mine at IKEA - so cheap!) and a sharpie marker. 
*Roll out over floor in sections (I used three)
*Illustrate whatever comes to mind (or you could google some cartoon images for better ideas). Mine was a rather feeble, embarrassing attempt at an underwater castle land. The maimed octopus only had five arms, one fish was ridiculously large, and the mermaid boobies were nothing short of proportional scandal. I didn't intend on them having such big round knockers. But you know, sharpies don't come with erasers. 
*Tape to wall
*Pull out any art supplies you have on hand and voila!



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