Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Wedding and an Anniversary.

We recently drove to Northern Cal to attend a family wedding. It was a beautiful event. It was fun to see and spend time with Tyler's side of the family.

Tyler and I also were able to squeeze in a mini-anniversary celebration! No kids for three whole nights!

{having a little too much fun with my big, flowy skirt. Something about the outside breeze and the pleats awoke all of my childhood dress twirling fantasies. This skirt can move!}

After the wedding we drove to South Shore, Lake Tahoe.

We stayed at the Marriott Residence Condo Village. 
Oh. My.
It was beautiful.

It had great food options, cute shops, a gondola ride to the summit, a private beach! We are normally North Shore loyalists but this South Shore Tahoe gig has its perks too. 
We will definitely try to come back at some point with the kids.

However, it did pour rain while we were there.

We didn't mind. We stayed locked in with a fire going and opened our windows to smell the fresh, misty air and hear the sounds of rain hammering the balcony. It was insanely cozy and romantic.

We talked and watched movies and gratefully considered our past ten years together.

We asked each other:

What would you change?
What do you regret?
What are you proudest of?
Where do you see us in the next 10 years?
What are your favorite memories so far?

It was an incredibly good weekend with my favorite guy...

Love you so, my Tyler. 

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Ashley said...

ahhhmazing! You are so gorgeous Rae :)