Thursday, September 4, 2014

Attention Rae's Corner Readers!

Hey ya'll.

So. Campaign season is running full throttle back home. If you live in the Northern NV area, or know someone who does, would you mind sharing this link?

Meet Ira

Meet the whole family too while you're at it!

Sure, I'm slightly biased. But I can vouch for this guy, he's a real good apple.:)
And, he pretty much loves his home state almost as much as he loves me. Which, says a lot. Because I'm extremely love-able. And ssssuper humble. And not at all sarcastic. ever.
{{Right, Dad? Rrrrright.}}

Hey Nevada, you're in good hands with Ira Hansen in office. Let's keep it that way!

Thanks guys!

(And seriously. please excuse my appearance in the video. For the record, I didn't realize these were going to make the cut. HelloooOOOoooo! I would have changed out of MY SWEAT PANTS!! Just keeping it real peeps, keeping it real.)

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