Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Please excuse my long absences (so said the sporatic bloggers everywhere). We have some big changes brewing in our household lately. I'm excited to spill the details soon, but darn it all I just can't figure out how to be a good mom and a regular blogger at the same time. How do all the big-timers do it? Do they hire full time nannies or what?!


Speaking of Nannies.


Just kidding. She is SO MUCH MORE than that. 

Even though she has been a much needed sister/nanny often. And in a full circle of life sort of way, I was a sister/nanny to her when she was a wee munchkin. A fact that makes her high school graduation make me feel all sorts of strange and weepy and old. It's both lovely and heartbreaking how you always see their small, little faces  - even in the adult one. She is an adult. {??!!}
 And yet, she'll always be my little Mal too. 

We were able to travel back home at the beginning of the summer for the parTAY.

{mallory likes to frequently remind me that i'm "not her mother!" when i give her my usual unsolicited, brilliant advice on boys and dating and whatnot. well. i say. see that baby picture there? i DRESSED YOU IN THAT OUTFIT. I put that massive monstrosity of a tulle bow on your head. I painted those little toe-nails. I buckled those chubby edible feet in the pink jellies. so you best listen and LISTEN GOOD.}
{insert excessive eye-rolling response.}

{ "holy whaCAmole!", says ellie jane}

Lots of dear friends and family were there for the happy occasion...

{cousins brianna and alexis!}

{mikey & kate!}

{bill & renee!}

{attempted shot with all of auntie mal's nieces and nephews}


And in a serendipitous moment of lucky, ALL of the hansen siblings/spouses were able to swing coming home!

{Bishop Manogue Grads. 2001-2014... with Larissa the last one to go in 2017!}

{Rendezvous at Scoopers}

The whole gang.

Mallory's now gone off to college in Arizona. 
A location which thrills me because now she's closer!  I want my nanny back!;) 

We love you, Mallory.

If you ever need anything, you know where to find us.


your incredibly normal

{especially RaeRae}

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Mallory said...

Awwww RaeRae... Thank you :) the pictures turned out amazing and I am so lucky (even though it sometimes feels like a curse) to have allllll of you older siblings. Love you!