Monday, September 8, 2014

Meal Planning Mondays: These days.

These days are so good. My house is filled with children. Pinch me. 

Some days are just completely exhausting and messy. 
But I keep reminding myself that the best kind of homes are well worn and used.

Scratched on the surfaces, sticky in places, and hopefully happy on the inside. 

During the chaos of the week, I've been trying to live by some self-rules.

I like to call it my attempt at elevated living.

Less television.

Less media.

Less texting.

Turning off all devices during the day. Especially when my children return from school.

Trying to have an after school snack ready for them everyday, complete with a hug and big smooch upon their return. I always like to tell them how glad I am that they are back. Because I am! (even though I enjoyed the momentary increase in peace while they were away too). 

By the way, are after-school snack ideas a challenge for you too? Sheesh. As if breakfast, school lunch, and dinner weren't hard enough! Now I have to think of healthy snacks too?!

 I have a list below of some snacks I rotated through last week. Maybe I'll throw these lists in to my sporadic Meal Planning Mondays in the future too.

You have a happy Monday, folks. Excited to share some fun details of family changes coming in the very near future!

1. No, I'm not pregnant.
2. But we are excited, because it's pretty awesome.

 {sunday rest. tyler and his Mini-she-me}

 {emerson woke up from her nap, came downstairs and noticed the daddy/daughter couch-napping action.}

 {so she settled in.}

 {got real cozy.}

 {and fell back fake-asleep.}

{my heart.}


AND after-school SNACK IDEAS TOO!:

Monday: Pretzel chips w/ hummus
Tuesday: Fresh cut fruit with cheese 
Wednesday: Homemade Cookies & milk 
{cuz ya gotta have something normal/naughty squeezed in}
Thursday: Honey Greek Yogurt w/ fresh berries
Friday: Chopped veggies with homemade Ranch dressing

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The Mrs. said...

Yes!!! Thank you for bringing back my favorite--Meal Planning Mondays.

I'm excited to try the enchiladas.

And what are these changes?? You've got me wondering.