Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Grand Tour of October.

When faced with the prospect of being quite literally homeless for a month (in between home sale/home purchase), I decided we would take advantage of our time unattached to any base and begin a grand family tour. Imagine my family members' excitement upon receiving the news. Guesss what guys? Oh boy do I have a deal for you. Five Females. Suitcases. Dirty laundry. Shoes shoes and more shoes. All of this can be yours for the small, introductory price of meals/accommodations/preferably your master bedroom/free babysitting (for me, not you).
What a steal, amirrrright! If you accept now, or at least within the next five minutes I'll even throw in a toddler who will poop on your floor!

So naturally, as wise consumers with the gift of discernment, they bought in.


Three states will be covered in the month of October. It involves a lot of caffeine and house crashing and sleeping bags and school work on the go, but we're rollin' with it. I'm not particularly fond of traveling with the children by myself (Tyler has stayed behind to see to work/house duties), but I gotta say we're getting pretty used to this gig. I'm proud of the little nomads-in-the-making I have, they've learned to be pretty portable ladies. I think that is a good ingredient for an adventurous life. Don't get me wrong, I love a good, solid routine as much as the next control freak (and I am a control ffffffreak), but I think it is especially healthy for me to learn to deep breathe and do-what-I-gotta-do. Who says this can't be fun?

We're a good team, us Haack gals. In a traveling/shouting/hair pulling/seat-belt fighting/I lost my shoe!/how much longer?!/quit touching me!/ I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU LOST YOUR SHOE AGAIN/drive thru dinners/taylor swift aficionados/ kind of way.;)

Forgive the staggering amounts of photos.

{Andelin Family Farm. A must in October. We love the Andelins!}

{Melt my heart, that face. My thoughtful, imaginative Lundy girl. Every now and then you snap a photo and realize it somehow miraculously captured a tiny glimmer of their real essence. My favorite.}

{The return of the floppy hat for fall. Praise the heavens, something to cover my greasy hair.}

{Spooky FHE night with the fam}

{Gamma came up with some pretty awesome DIY crafts and treats for the kids}

{Emerson was thoroughly spooked while Disney's Haunted Mansion soundtrack played in the background for the evening. My cute baby.}

{Afternoon nap with Pop}

{Emerson's daily escape to the barn below. Within a hot second this kid bolts for the outermost edges of the land. She has been found multiple times IN the corral WITH the horse. EEEEEEk!}

{Friends arrive for the Annual Caramel Apple Bob!}

{This is going to be a random tangent into Rae's brain, because I have no time and am too lazy for my posts to be remotely cohesive or even in flow. Heck, I don't even remember the rules of grammar after all these years of disobeying them. And since this space is all over the map anyhow I figured I'd give myself permission to interject whenever I so please. It's time for a moment of pure sappy.

 I love the women in my life. Beautiful, real souls. It is like a big, warm hug for my insides to see them. This trip in particular was so nice. I really got to spend some quality time with a few friends who I've longed to sit and chat with. It's such a rare treat, and so often when I am back in the home-town I hate that I don't get to see certain faces. Faces which are pretty much forever imprinted on my heart and mind. After years of living in one place, it is hard to come back and have only a week. I love too many people! It's a great problem to have!
But truly. I kinda freak out at how many good women surround me. I mean, people, I got a good Mom (now that's a BIG deal)! A wonderful mother in-law (or mother-in-love, as she sweetly calls me her daughter-in-love)! I have the best sisters (by blood and marriage)! I have great grandmas, aunts, and cousins! I have met the most amazing women at church, outside of church, attending college, working in the community! So lately I am just feeling a little bonkers and grateful and "My God, How Great Thou Art"-ish when I think about it.}

{Tangent has run its course. Proceed.}

{ The caramel was an epic FAIL. I didn't use sweetened condensed milk and the result was rock solid caramel that could kill someone. Dentist bills are being forwarded by friends already.}

And that's a wrap for NV! 

Next stop, The City!