Monday, October 20, 2014


Welcome to our front porch!

It feels like its been a million years since we initiated the long process of trying to buy this house, but as of today it is complete. This is our new home.

{insert: SSSSSSSCCCCCrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!!!!}

We have some work that has to be done at the outset. We won't be moving in for a few more weeks. And I haven't wanted to share much on the blog because I'm a nervous nellie and ridiculously superstitious and convinced that I would jinx the whole thing. 

Have I mentioned this is our FIFTH home? In ten years? A yei yei. I'll spare you the back-story. Let's just say we have a fondness for the ever shifting real estate market and paperwork and closing fees.;)

But there is something markedly different about this house as compared to all the others. For starters, it has over 100 years of home ownership history. There are probably ghosts all up in the hizzie. That's fine by me. The neighborhood/house vibe was really good so they must be nice ghosts is what I figure. And this house had a little chunk of my soul in it before we even made an offer.  Imagine that! It was like I stepped onto the front {dying} lawn for the first time and beheld the splendor enveloped by its massive trees and suddenly my heart was like there you are where have you been hiding for so long WE ARE MAKING AN OFFER RIGHT NOW. And as a completely unrelated yet entirely related tangential aside, there was another house right before this house that did the exact same thing. The "I discovered missing bits of my soul" sort of thing, right on its front lawn. Only we didn't end up getting that house. Sigh, it's a story for another day. A sad, tragic, tale of woe that involved good ghosts and Anne of Green Gables apparitions and plenty of nervous nellie superstitions and some sort of jinx that I still can't quite figure.

But! It did have a happy ending (i.e, our new newest old house!). Is this making any sense? No.

Moving on.

I have enjoyed every place we've lived, and I'm a firm believer that any, and I mean ANY house or apartment or trailer or condo or mansion or tree-fort can be made a home with care and attention. But this one is MY type. I want all of the work to be thoughtful and well planned and functional. We are taking our time with this home. This one is special.

We are just beginning the journey, and it's going to be one heck of a labor of love. Probably a very, vvvery long labor of love. But I'm smitten and grateful and excited. 

{Lily and I going over some ideas for the girls' room. It mostly involves her hating my ideas and me refusing her pleas for neon lights and futons.}

{Tyler demonstrating his signature charm}

{I won't be providing a full house tour right now. I want to save those photos for the before/afters eventually. But I want you to see this magical hallway with the door, one of my favorite little features of this house.}

{Tyler and I hashing out plans. Do I look bossy?}

{One of the things Tyler and I are already battling a little over is what to do about our block side fence. I love it just as it is. It's like the entrance to our secret garden/side yard. Tyler wants to do something different. Vote Rae's idea!}

Thanks for sharing in the journey with us, friends.

Here we go!


The Andersens said...

Congratulations on your newest beautiful adventure!! I miss you already!!!! Xo

Katie said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! SO excited for you all!! THAT DOOR is PERFECT.

The Mrs. said...

I love everything! I can't wait to see the process. Glad you're home safe. Miss you!

Joan said...

So, Soooo, SO EXCITING! That front door is seriously to die for, Rae.