Friday, October 3, 2014

Vardon House Tour: Part 2

Happy Friday!

It's my last day child-less, so I figured I had some posting to do before all of this indulgent free-time is over. It was real. Tyler and I managed to actually enjoy the moving process. It's amazing how raising children can put into perspective how easy everything else in life really is.;)

Ty and I had a few important realizations over the course of this couple's moving/retreat week. 

NUMBER ONE: We really love our kids. Oh boy do we. You get a break from them and it's nice and all, but as we sat at a restaurant dinner for the 4th time this week all alone - sitting so peaceful and leisurely - we looked at each other and agreed "Yeah, this is so not us." Not permanently at least. Give us a quiver full of kids, a few breaks in-between, and you've discovered the sweet spot of existence for Ty and Rae.

NUMERO DOS: I am actually an awesome wife. Yep. I'm not backing down from that. This is a new manifesto. I declared it boldly to Tyler yesterday. 
You know what? I said. You want to know what I've discovered about myself these past few days? I've discovered that I'm really a completely carefree, happy go lucky, chill, calm, zen, relaxed, go-with-the-flow kinda gal. Like, I'm ssssssssuper chill. 
Tyler looked at me with his eyebrows raised in confusion, as if I had just announced I was the Pope. He tends to question my completely accurate self-assessments from time to time, as silly husbands do. But you know what, it didn't even rile me up. Not one bit. Cuz like I said: chill. I just gave him a smile and a wink and slap on the a$$ and was like, "Yep. That's right baby. Under all that child rearin', poop wipin', house cleanin', school drivin', grocery shoppin', meal plannin', budget makin', freaking outin', schedule nazi-in', exterior?  Lies. one. spontaneous. gggggggoddess. I'm like the life of the party here. It's just hard to SEE it sometimes, well -- mostly always, with all those EXTERIOR things going on all the time. So, I just thought you should know. You're good. I got you covered. I'm a fun wife."
And he laughed and rolled his eyes and gave a momentary, "Yeah, mmm hmmm." but I could kinda tell he probably maybe if even for a millisecond agreed entirely.

Moving on from the self-promotion/reclamation of my self-esteem,

NUMBER THREE: DATE NIGHT. It's Friday, and as such I feel so moved by the heavens to inform you that, ten years in, I can bear testimony that Date Nights are such an essential ingredient of marriage. I know I've said it before but now I must pound my fists on this pulpit. I think one, possibly the GREATEST, reason Tyler and I can proclaim ourselves to be in a happy union is our almost militant obedience to the Law of Date Night. And I think too many couples aren't doing it. We have been guilty before too, and the difference is so palpable. Married people-of-the-world, we're letting the excuses get to us! The good excuses, the legitimate excuses, the responsible excuses, the "oh we'll get to it soon" excuses. Those excuses are too often winning. 
The problem with this, I fear, is that the only real time we have for our interiors to really come out (like my super awesome zen calm chill Rae), is so often on these retreats with each other. Once you're really into the marriage, or you've become parents, the exterior build-up of your lives will claim you. That's just how life is. Those good and worthwhile responsibilities and demands will build themselves up all around you, and before you know it your interior selves will be all holed up and locked away from each other. And that's not good. Soon you will forget what true friends you are, or how good the sex was, or how enjoyable it is to be fully showered and smell nice and enjoy a meal or a movie together. Not every date night is magic, but the regular cultivation of retreating together? That's where the magic starts to happen. The date night, the retreat, the whatever-you-want-to-call-it, injects life into your marriage. 
So, hop to it friends. Date your spouse. Weekly. And if not weekly AT LEAST twice a month. Go into debt if you have to. Find a babysitter, swap with other desperate parent friends, beg family members to help with the kids. Get creative. Invest some energy. Make it a priority. Pull out your sexy shirt and tell your husband to shave and get yourselves out of the house. Regularly.
I mean, our marriages should be our top priority, right? So let's begin, as couples, as friends, as family, heck: as an entire collective society! make it look that way. That was a hot mess of a sentence, but I think you get the picture.

{Stepping down from soap box...}

Whoa. Where did all that come from? I'm sorry. It's just this is the last day of zen chill Rae's appearance for quite possibly the next decade. Except date nights, but I don't blog on date nights so there you have it. It needed to be said.

ooooKAY. What now? Oh yes! This post was SUPPOSED TO BE A HOUSE TOUR. 


 Let's begin with:

E&E's room


{I have quite a love/hate relationship with ceiling fans. So ugly, yet so practical. I keep waiting for some utah mom on pinterest to reinvent some legitimate way to make these cuter. }


{we are still a fan of the scalloped, free-hand paint edge. Hey, it's cheap! And I still think it's rather cute. We used the same color that was throughout the entire house. I like that it made the room instantly whimsical and kid-friendly}

 {I miss my emmie girl!!! Can't wait to squeeze her tomorrow!}

L&L's Room





{The girls always wanted a canopy bed with drapes. I love that look too, but with the small bedrooms bunk beds made more functional sense. So we got creative and gave it a canopy look with mounted curtain rods to the ceiling. They loved closing them at night and reading with flashlights. That is, until they began swinging from them, playing pirate-ship and jungle monkey, and E&E colored on them and tore them and generally destroyed the entire look. Kids. Oh well. Whatchagonnado?}

{K, I sound really at peace but I'm still completely bitter about it. It's just not right folks, it's not right.}

Laundry Room


{Hey heyyy there...rarr.}


{This became my most favorite room. Who knew?! The laundry room for crying out loud! 
I love the idea of doing up small, mostly functional spaces of your home. Think closet, pantry, and laundry rooms. It seems like you're breaking some kind of cosmic rule of domestic misery to make these spaces fantastic and love-able and I really got into the rebellious naughtiness of it all. Hellz to the yes this is MY LAUNDRY ROOM. ShaZAM!}

{I'm sad I didn't take more detailed photos of my new gift wrapping station on the wall. I took these photos for the realtor so I wasn't really thinking about details. We mounted wrapping paper on dowels hanging suspended from two hooks. A good idea from pinterest. I loved that I could easily wrap a gift on the counter space. It's annoying to store gift wrapping but it makes for a really cute decoration if brought out in the open. I'm gonna miss this room!}

Master Bedroom
{We did nothing to this space really. Just painted and put our bed in. I never even got around to buying nightstands. Oh well!}

And that's it for the Vardon House Tour. Goodbye house! We loved you, we were grateful for you!


Longest Friday post ever. 

Have a lovely weekend!!!

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Joan said...

Amen to date night!!! Ugh, I SERIOUSLY don't know how people survive without it? Your laundry room truly is a happy place. I want to put rolls of wrapping paper on the wall. How did you do that?