Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Five Days of Christmas Recap, Part II.

A new holiday tradition began this year.
 Gamma so generously arranged a special ride on a special train for the entire family...

The whole gang boarded the train, although we were missing some of our family members this year. Tyler and I are fortunate that both sides of our family are in the same town, so we don't have to divide up Christmas time drastically. The Haacks and Hansens often combine and it makes for the best of both worlds for us. It's a fun crowd. Other siblings and spouses made merry with their respective sides of the family in other states. They were missed, especially the 5 wild wittle grandboys.:( 

The Haack ladies and Mr. Sawyer were evenly distributed among family members in the rows as to provide maximal grandchild-Polar-Express-Entertainment...

{Mikey, Mallory, Lily & Larissa)

 {Nonna, Ellie-Jane, Papa Don, and Alex}

 {Gamma, London, Pop, Ian & Forrest}

 {Christopher, Sawyer, and Tyler}

 {Your's truly, a Wiggly Emerson, and Sarah}

{London was selected to receive the first gift of Christmas! EEeeeee!!!}

{Santa was da bomb}

We cruised our way up to the North Pole, waved hello to the elves, enjoyed hot chocolate, the whole awesome Polar Express shabang. It all was quite merry and smooth choo choo-ing. That is, until Sawyer ended up with an upset stomach. A mild panic erupted when all became nervous he was going to have a major vomiting incident. Sarah had a nice claustrophobic pregnant Mom "get me off this damn POS  train NOW" moment. We continually get to discover how pregnancy magically transforms all sorts of female behavior in this family.

Luckily, a few toots came tootin' outta our little Elf-boy Sawyer and the entire train of passengers almost vomited instead. Including the other elves, who came dancing through the aisles and passed out dead quite suddenly. Sawyer felt much better. Sorry, Santa.

Thanks Gamma & Pop!!!

It was a {stanky} blast!!!

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