Friday, February 13, 2015

Mikey, Mallory, and Baby Trevino.

I don't ever advertise or seek funds for this blog, but I'll do just about anything for my baby sister.

Thanks, friends.


christilee said...

Rachel, Quick question. Does 100% of the money donated go to Mallory or does gofund get a percentage. I want to send her some help but if she doesn't get it all I would rather send it in the mail.
Thanks, Christi

Rachel Haack said...

Yes, go fund keeps a percentage.

So it would definitely be better to send a check, we just figured go fund was the best social media way to help spread the word and make it convenient.
Thanks Christi, miss u and your sweet fam

christilee said...

It's such a great tool to help. It's so much easier for a lot of people to share. I love that you are doing this for Mal!! I just always check.