Friday, April 24, 2015

a most splendiferous day.

here is emerson in her natural habitat. this is what the everyday neighbors witness on our front lawn. 

the pure unkept majesty of this predictably dirty, contagiously happy toddler. 

granted, it can be a messy sight and passerbys may raise an eyebrow or two, but i decided long ago i don't accept judgment from anyone caring for any number less than four children. and even then, i prefer they have anxiety issues and a disposition towards manic over-scheduling. if these criteria are not met, all opinions are rendered inadmissible on the basis of experiential lack of expertise.
so, meh, who cares what anyone thinks of the partially potty-trained nudist on the front lawn. 
{we belong on a farm.}

she is the DA BOMB.

right ems?


{it's the end-of-the-day Daddy's Home Dance!! hooray!}

for Emerson's birthday celebration, we decided to make a grand family day of exploring the great outdoors. We started by walking downtown to the local donut shop and toy store. 

Emerson was allowed to pick a new toy. I had high hopes she would choose something catchy and worthwhile. You know, something preferably wooden...educational...swedish;)

but alas, like her sisters before her, she went for the cheap plastic cosmetics. 

 sisters kindly took part in educating her on all the ins-and-outs of being fashionable...

{...that feeling when it's someone ELSE'S birthday... }

soooo pwetty!

and of course, emerson promised NOT to eat any of her make-up....

{mmm hmmm.}

later that afternoon, we took to the hills...

birthday girl enjoyed hours of running wild and free with her sisters...

sisters who couldn't seem to remember that we were in the safe confines of a Southern California canyon and NOT lost in the treacherous landscape of an African savannah...

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

 {no. actually there were none of those despite the girls imaginative insistence.}

and last, soap carving! 
the cherry blossom festival was going on in the glen...

it was an awesome, kid-friendly art project. i need to invest in a cheap case of ivory soap bars soon!

{side observation: i am so pleased with how friendly my little hooligans are. i caught this of ellie-jane and can't help but feel all warm and happy inside}

it was such a beautiful day to spend quality time together celebrating the baby of our family.

the day ended finally with a very, very tired little miss.

 my goodness, emerson, you are so adored. 

you are our little ball of sunshine and giggles
...and you are a naughty wild little stinker too. 

we possibly couldn't love you more for it. 

forever my baby.


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