Friday, April 10, 2015

Drumroll's before and after time!!!

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yaw'l ready for this?

so, once upon a time, way back six months ago

we bought this charmer! it was literally like all of my anne of green gables fantasies / drop out interior designer (my original major in college) dreams finally materialized into something i could work with! an old... gloriously old home!!!
110 years to be precise.

we got to work right away. it was fun. no, actually it wasn't. it was hard and scary and exhausting mostly. but! when certain details were finally complete i became delusional enough to look back on the process with rose colored happy glasses. it's kinda like what happens after i give birth and raise an infant past the newborn stage.  i think, "that wasn't so bad?" let's do it again!

am i talking too much?



suffer with me through this story.
it builds the suspense.

ok. here is the first glorious vision as you walk through the front door and look right...

then, look left:

a bit boxy. lots of small spaces with doorways leading into more small spaces. the total square footage of our house is around 2,000. the downstairs was comprised of  SEVEN separate spaces...

This is the dining room, which oddly we don't have a full photo of except for this door that leads to a closet in the wall...a very odd place for a closet...

and here is the martha stewart FANTASY kitchen suite....

it has all the deets a home cook can dream of: cupboards you can't reach, broken tiles, moldy linoleum, stove plugged into wall...oh oh look back there! that's the dining room!

 ty and i got together and scratched our heads and started thinkin'. i LOVED this house. before we decided to buy it we came up with a game plan.

i have a soft spot for undiscovered potential. tyler has a soft spot Or, at least learning to trust me and my insane ideas. for this house, it was important to me to preserve the old character. smaller spaces are a part of that character. but sometimes you gotta open things up just a bit.

{let's move that here, get rid of that there...oh i hope we're right i hope we're right i hope we're right...."}

this was what we came up with:


{and install important structural beam. we did work with professionals, phew.}

ta daaa!!!!

this was the part when we were fully moved in and LIVING HERE! YAY!

and the part when tyler and i looked at each other and thought, "we are irresponsible and stupid and bad parents."

many days were spent like this...
 {ladies...let's get cleaning!}

and this.....

 and this....

{fine dining!}


slowly. but surely, it actually started coming together....

ok. NOW i will show the afters.

remember that first view?

here is it BEFORE.

here is it AFTER.....

remember this view to the left?....

here is it BEFORE:

and here it is AFTER!....

remember that kitchen view?


and AFTER!...

 and the view towards the old dining room?


and AFTER!....

that about covers it as far as big "view" shots are concerned. 

now i'll unleash a whole bunch of details that make me happy. this was a day when my house was about 80% clean. a rarity indeed. we usually are running at about 20%.

my kitchen!!!!


 we used IKEA products. honestly, i couldn't be more pleased with their quality thus far. we researched a lot and were so surprised to find out that IKEA has great reviews and high customer satisfaction ratings for their kitchens. You are definitely limited on how much you can "customize" certain aspects of a kitchen, but we literally saved thousands by going with them versus another company and we were able to work well with what they offered.

i chose old hardware and put antique favorites in the kitchen....

we decided on Quartz countertops. never one to abandon my love of white, i selected white on white  for the cabinets and counters (much to the consternation of the counter supplier. he suggested contrast. i explained that yes, i understand you've been in this business for 30 years. but i, my good fellow, have been keeping up with what's trending on pinterest for the past 9 days so i think we both know who's the real expert here.;)

white pops the color! you see!?

we refinished the floors to a dark walnut...but they aren't clean right now so this is the only shot you get.;)

we basically swapped places: we relocated the kitchen into the original dining room. we now dine where the old kitchen used to be...

remember the old, rather misplaced side closet? turns out it makes the perfect pantry!

 scored this chandelier FOR FREE...given to us from someone selling their home.
who wouldn't want this?!!!

 i have never been a "gray" kind of gal. so i sorta shocked myself with how much i've enjoyed applying it as a unifying color of our home. i typically prefer warmer colors, but i absolutely love the way it turned feels fresh, warm, and historically appropriate in this house.

{We used Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray}

spring time in H-town!

this IS my happy place.

that's a wrap for now!

stay tuned for future installments as we work our way through the rest of the house. it's been such a process, i'm so happy i was finally able to post some pictures!


Amy said...

What a beautiful home. You have a great eye for decorating.

The Andersens said...

Dying!!!! It is absolutely stunning!!!!

Alex said...

I am dying right now...literally dying! You're an inspiration!

Kerry said...

Everything looks beautiful!! Nice work!!

The Mrs. said...

Ahhhhh!! Gorgeous! A beautiful home for a beautiful family. Love you and miss you. Jamee xoxo

Mary said...

Rae: I've been so looking forward to seeing what you would do to the old home. So I was excited about this post. I love DIY but lack a lot of confidence - but the best part is seeing hubby and wife working it together. Everything looks clean and welcoming. Hope to see the home in person one day. Great job!!