Thursday, April 2, 2015

the daily emerson chronicles.

morning hair. shaZAM.

{enjoying a bit of my yogurt indeed.}

Rub a dub.

Potty time. In which a favorite potty video (here) is watched...

{I'm not really going to go to the bathroom, you know that right?}


{nailed it.}


 {nailed it. again.}


{i just love it when the smell of urine marks mother's favorite parlor furniture, don't you?}

quiet time...

 {sure. i'll be quiet. wwwwinky face.}


{move out da wayi'm so sassEH...}


 {on paper? rrrright.}

 {i can explain.}

 {actually, i can't explain. i'm busting' outta this joint.}

{yeah, about last night while you were sleeping...}

{the jar of brown sugar? what jar of brown sugar? i have no idea what you are talking...}

{oh snap. busted. i'm outta here!....}

 {ellie jane did it.}

 {no. i'm not lying. would these eyes lie? no, i'm not smiling}

 {but look how pretty the orange is on the carpet!...}


{whatevs. I'm still awesome.}

{see ya. wouldn't wanna be ya.}


renee said...

This totally made me laugh!
What is this potty video you speak of? I need something to keep Aubree entertained for longer than 2 seconds in hopes that she will actually do something on the potty!

Rachel Haack said...


Just posted link above:)

Fab British video...only the best for our bums!

Btw, Your insta feed of aubree is a highlight of my days!!! That charmer! That sass!!! Let's please get them together to play sometime when I'm in town?!

renee said...

So I must give a BIG thanks to you for sharing these little snip-its into your life. That potty video did the trick for us! Aubree LOVED it and requested "princess" every time I made her sit on the potty for the first week. She is now, 3.5 weeks later, COMPLETEY potty trained! At 21 months! Miracle I tell you. Being a first timer at all this I had absolutely NO clue where to even start. If it wasn't for reading this and trying that video for ourselves I would still be eye-ball deep in diapers! Many thanks! Keep sharing, I love reading! 😘