Friday, May 22, 2015

sharing time.

{...the watched cookie never bakes...}

Hello friends!

so, it's FRIDAY. AND a three day weekend on the horizon? so much magic.

i'm mere hours away from a girls' weekend that is sure to be epic.

in the meantime, here are links that may help all of your various daily duties pass by with more interest and ease (mine most often of the domestic variety). if you don't already utilize your phone to listen to podcasts, i highly suggest doing it. and i'm a technology dinosaur, so yeah, get with it already. any audio/video links below are available as podcasts.

without further ado, here was rae's week's lineup:

enlightenment: can aging really be viewed as a disease? mind. blown.

culture: the future of marriage. an amazing discussion.

connection: glennon's revolution. such a fan. go together-rising! (to+get+her+rising. well, isn't that clever?) 

shall we debate?: are liberals stifling intellectual diversity? well. are they?

on happiness: oh hey america! and old people!

oh yes! and this: the salted chocolate chunk cookie recipe we tried today. i added hazelnuts. fffffancy.

have a fabulous weekend.

off to misbehave! 
(in the form of guacamole and gossip. oh snap.)


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

in excess.

this here haack couple has had an especially good past few weeks. it seems that the month of may miraculously provided consecutive weekends worth of plans that leave me feeling downright giddy. borderline irresponsible even. how is it that fun can almost make you feel guilty sometimes? how nonsensical is that? 

first, there was a relaxing mother's day, then an especially fun date day with the hubs, then a wedding to attend (and photograph!), then a romantic-y weekend getaway to tahoe, and AT LONG LAST A GIRLS' WEEKEND ESCAPE TO PALM SPRINGS COMING UP. can you tell i'm EXCITED?!!!! it's been, literally, years in the making. this is all so damn indulgent i can barely stand it.

 wow, may. nicely done. give february a few pointers for next year, will ya?

and now the time has come for a
photo bomb of husbwifelfies.

well lookie here, if it isn't a cool sportsy wife.

do i look sportsy-ish?

{$6 hat from gift shop. i went for the food}

trip to tahoe!

that mountain air!!!

after a brief disaster involving unfinished hotel reservations {which i THOUGHT i completed, and yet hadn't?!?!}. we arrived in tahoe only to discover we were completely home-less. after a few pleas with a hotel clerk they had mercy on us and we were able to book our nights. phew!

it was actually pretty chilly and rained most of the time. we have that effect on tahoe, we've discovered. fine by me, we stayed huddled in our room for three days...

we slept for about 16 HOURS the first day. i'm not kidding. life just catches up to you. 

tyler got to finally kick back and watch his favorite basketball games. as for me? i read my nerd books. i'm obsessed with mormon history again. so dang fascinating.

we left our cave only to eat...

{pancakes EVERY MORNING.}

and eat.....

and eat....

and eat!!!!

this, friends, is my definition of heaven.

love you, tyler. thanks for a memorable month. i must say, you're a real nice guy to be locked in a hotel room with for three days.;)

{and shout out to gramma & pop (and aunties and uncles) for keeping the girls!}

feeling spoiled, a little guilty (?!), and quite happy,


Monday, May 11, 2015

Meal Planning Mondays.

Hello friends,

How was your weekend?

Ours was quite lovely. I was completely spoiled and enjoyed quite a bit of rest yesterday (Mother's Day should be about unlimited napping for Moms!). I was bombarded early with a yummy breakfast (blueberry pancakes!) in bed, and surrounded by my sweethearts who each excitedly gave me my "pwesents". The best, homemade kind of presents that break your heart in a million good ways, causing you to pledge forever that you will try your best to be worthy of these little people and their pure hearts.  

I'm going to slowly but surely clean up this blog site. I'm looking around for a good design hire, do you know anyone good? If so, do share! I would like to do some serious housekeeping here at Rae's Corner.

In the meantime, here is another sporadic edition of Meal Planning Mondays for menu ideas. This feature cannot die, I simply must have a space in which I can talk food.

Most of the recipes I select are ready in about 30 minutes and are good for you too! I don't know about you, but evenings are crazy busy in our household. We're trying our darndest to sit down for a meal together at least 4 days a week, and boy has it been a doozy. 

Enjoy feeding your peeps!

Over n out,


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

{my greatest eternal treasures}

The sweetest sounds to mortals given

Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.

~William Goldsmith Brown

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


{Forgive me, but you'll have to get ready for some serious horn-tooting. But hey, I've worked for too long on this one to not share this on the blog.}

Eleven years ago, when we were still in our early years of college, we got married. Shortly thereafter, we decided to start having babies too. I thought it would be easy to just...ya know, go to school in between all of life. Breezy, right?! I'll just go to school while pregnant, take some night classes as my babes sleep peacefully through the evenings. It will be fine.


Only, it was really not so fine. It was hard. Like insanely miserably inconvenient and expensive and there was NO time. There was NEVER time. I ended up taking quite a few "breaks". Breaks that lasted a lot longer than I intended. Switching majors certainly didn't help my cause either.

 I was glad, so glad that I prioritized my babies and my family. I was proud of the way we chose to structure our lives. No regrets there. But it always pressed on my heart. I love learning, I love school, and I longed to return to finish. Once my girls are grown, I have some rather lofty career goals that have long been passionately kindling in my soul.

Two years ago, when we moved to CA, Tyler and I decided it was the perfect time for me to return and get that first degree DONE. Only, it wasn't exactly the perfect time. Because, duh, there is never a perfect time. We have learned that. So, I recklessly took a stab at this anyways.

My wonderful husband took care of dinner and bedtime and clean-up and homework for endless nights of me gone, or busy furiously typing away on my computer in our bedroom. Gosh, that man is such a saint for partnering in life with me. He calmly held us steady as I alternated between regular fits of total exhilaration, self-doubt, stress, guilt, overload, and complete inadequacy as I slowly inched my way through classes. And of course, we decided to move again during this process, and complete a remodel?!?! It caused even more stress and schooling delays. For a while there, I won't lie. It was bad. And if anyone asked how I was doing I would say just that. I'm overwhelmed and sinking. I'm a tired mom and a bad wife and delusional optimist who will most likely be a failed college graduate too. I didn't socialize with anyone, all texts or voicemails were returned, on average, 17 days later. I yelled a lot, and cried too. I don't know why we are such gluttons for punishment sometimes. Truly. When I am a practicing therapist someday it will be the first thing I will hopefully figure out about myself?

But somehow, we managed to keep me in school. Sometimes by the hair of our chinny chin chins. This was it for me. It was either going to happen or I was throwing in the towel.

Until finally, it did happen. I finished. My final grades were posted this last week.

It is still sinking in. I'm allowing myself to celebrate, to cry (for some strange reason this has provoked a LOT of crying from me?), and to revel in some enormous feelings of relief. 

Guys, I did it!!!!!!!


So. To finish up here,

Mother's Day is this Sunday. 

For the record, I want to dedicate this degree to my Mama. A woman who raised eight children and didn't attend college, but nonetheless remains the wisest, most enthusiastic learner and life lover I've ever known. She's taught me that I could do anything I wanted to, because as long as "there's a will, there's a way." I still believe her.

I love you, Mom. Thanks for always being in my corner.