Wednesday, May 20, 2015

in excess.

this here haack couple has had an especially good past few weeks. it seems that the month of may miraculously provided consecutive weekends worth of plans that leave me feeling downright giddy. borderline irresponsible even. how is it that fun can almost make you feel guilty sometimes? how nonsensical is that? 

first, there was a relaxing mother's day, then an especially fun date day with the hubs, then a wedding to attend (and photograph!), then a romantic-y weekend getaway to tahoe, and AT LONG LAST A GIRLS' WEEKEND ESCAPE TO PALM SPRINGS COMING UP. can you tell i'm EXCITED?!!!! it's been, literally, years in the making. this is all so damn indulgent i can barely stand it.

 wow, may. nicely done. give february a few pointers for next year, will ya?

and now the time has come for a
photo bomb of husbwifelfies.

well lookie here, if it isn't a cool sportsy wife.

do i look sportsy-ish?

{$6 hat from gift shop. i went for the food}

trip to tahoe!

that mountain air!!!

after a brief disaster involving unfinished hotel reservations {which i THOUGHT i completed, and yet hadn't?!?!}. we arrived in tahoe only to discover we were completely home-less. after a few pleas with a hotel clerk they had mercy on us and we were able to book our nights. phew!

it was actually pretty chilly and rained most of the time. we have that effect on tahoe, we've discovered. fine by me, we stayed huddled in our room for three days...

we slept for about 16 HOURS the first day. i'm not kidding. life just catches up to you. 

tyler got to finally kick back and watch his favorite basketball games. as for me? i read my nerd books. i'm obsessed with mormon history again. so dang fascinating.

we left our cave only to eat...

{pancakes EVERY MORNING.}

and eat.....

and eat....

and eat!!!!

this, friends, is my definition of heaven.

love you, tyler. thanks for a memorable month. i must say, you're a real nice guy to be locked in a hotel room with for three days.;)

{and shout out to gramma & pop (and aunties and uncles) for keeping the girls!}

feeling spoiled, a little guilty (?!), and quite happy,


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