Friday, May 22, 2015

sharing time.

{...the watched cookie never bakes...}

Hello friends!

so, it's FRIDAY. AND a three day weekend on the horizon? so much magic.

i'm mere hours away from a girls' weekend that is sure to be epic.

in the meantime, here are links that may help all of your various daily duties pass by with more interest and ease (mine most often of the domestic variety). if you don't already utilize your phone to listen to podcasts, i highly suggest doing it. and i'm a technology dinosaur, so yeah, get with it already. any audio/video links below are available as podcasts.

without further ado, here was rae's week's lineup:

enlightenment: can aging really be viewed as a disease? mind. blown.

culture: the future of marriage. an amazing discussion.

connection: glennon's revolution. such a fan. go together-rising! (to+get+her+rising. well, isn't that clever?) 

shall we debate?: are liberals stifling intellectual diversity? well. are they?

on happiness: oh hey america! and old people!

oh yes! and this: the salted chocolate chunk cookie recipe we tried today. i added hazelnuts. fffffancy.

have a fabulous weekend.

off to misbehave! 
(in the form of guacamole and gossip. oh snap.)


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