Monday, June 1, 2015

15 children were abandoned for the making of this weekend.

After years of talking about a girls' trip, we finally twisted enough arms and blocked enough schedules and swore our blood oaths to actually make it happen.


do you dig the digs?

it was so palm springs. it's like mad men met austin powers and then they had a gay love child who they named Ocean's Eleven. that's the vibe i'm getting. 

{katy and kath}

{shinae and cas}

{miss preggers ali, man she makes it look good.}

it's completely FABulous, dawlings.

{yours truly, doing my palm springs shimmy.}

the whole trip was as epic as we hoped it would be.

 {the spa. this is how we roll....}


 there was endless chatter. honestly, i think we set some world records. it got so bad that the last night we all swore to a curfew. by 12:30am, we all had to be in bed and SHUT UP.

curfew was broken.

however, thanks to our non-stop yammering, i will say in just a mere three days we managed to solve all of the world's problems, apply rigorous marital therapy analysis, confess our parental failures, peacefully negotiate the culture wars, exchange the best self-tanning recommendations, and rank the order of best artisanal el jefe tacos authoritatively (carnitas. with the tempura fish coming in close second?).

now that's efficiency, if you ask me.

we also sent my mom a birthday video.

{we are all unabashed alexis hansen fans over here. the poor woman, she's been putting up with our embarrassing behavior for years. i can still hear her faintly now..."RACHEL ELIZABETH! girls, your dance moves lack propriety. we're not monkies in a jungle." }

{i, for one, think our moves have improved considerably since high school. thank you very much.}

there was a rather unexpected adrenaline rush we all got once we had arrived. the trip was for some quality r&r. but really, we were too excited to be getting quality friend time that we didn't bother resting much. This was all summed up nicely when Casady declared one evening, "OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. i cannot bUHlieve how NOT tired i am RIGHT NOW."

it's kinda like how once you finally get your kids to bed, and that bizarre second wind sets in? the one that comes with the prospect of an hour or so entirely to yourself in a quiet house? those second winds are dangerous. ya always end up sailing them too late into the freedom of the night. exhaustion and regret end up as morning companions. 

nonetheless. screwwit! we decided to live up the nightlife while we could. sure we would be useless come the next week with our families! but a small sacrifice for fun. an entirely age innappropriate visit was made to a dance club, in which entirely age inappropriate dancing shenanigans ensued. we were like a bad sitcom or something, all these moms bustin up da club. 


days were spent at the pool and spa, nights were spent eating and dancing and talking. 

it was one of the best girl re-charges i've had in a long time. 

let's end on a typically rae mushy note, shall we?

cuz gosh, i love these ladies.

i've been insanely blessed with the women i've met throughout my life. these ones in particular have been around the longest. collectively, we have seen quite possibly the most embarrassing and real-est of the real parts of each other. it's been an honor to see each of their lives unfold. high school, braces, boyfriends, college, husbands, babies, more babies, houses, big moves, careers, and on and on. these women are POWER HOUSES i tell you. i love their stories, i love their separate perspectives, i appreciate their constant encouragement, and am just so plain grateful that each of their lives have become such an integral part of mine. 

low-drama, high-laughter, authentic friends are essentials to a good life, i'm convinced.


The Mrs. said...

Oh Rae! This is so great!! Women need women, for sure. I love seeing women taking the time to have quality time together. Plus, it gives all other women permission to do the same (why do we need that?). Anyway, girls trips always bring me fatigue and laryngitis (from talking too much and not sleeping) but there are more important things in life.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of these beautiful women. Keep your relationships strong as these long friendships are so important down the road. Can't wait to see the 2016 trip! XO Lori aka Nonna

Nae said...

Why do you live so far away?!?!?!

Rachel Haack said...

I agree Jamee!!!! Why do we always wait for some sort of permission?!
Looking forward to our next chat together as well, hopefully soon? I sense another case of laryngitis coming on...;)

Rachel Haack said...

Why do YOU live so far away?!!!!!?!?!

Rachel Haack said...

Aww, thanks Nonna! We are shooting for a lori/Mary/Karen kind of record!!!:)