Thursday, June 18, 2015

big sky country.

we have returned from our first summer adventure series. a quick trip back to NV just in time for a special baby shower. details to follow:) 

in the meantime, here are photos from a brief barf-stop for london (poor child, gets so carsick), which quite kindly lent itself to the most amazing views. i gotta say, if ya must throw up, do it somewhere out around Bishop California. those vistas sure help make the rather long and cumbersome trek alone with vomiting kids much more enjoyable.

{phew, glad she remembered to reapply her lipstick.}

the rest of today will be spent doing laundry, cleaning out a musty refrigerator, and making preparations for a visit to the grocery store. it is so nice to have the stringent schedule of a school year lifted. the days can melt into one another without any urgent need to complete tasks on a deadline. the sheer laziness of a hot summer helps me to relax and unwind a bit. something i am in dire need of, i'm afraid.

of course, as the full season nears its end i am more than ready for a hard-pressed schedule again. but for now, the only rule is No Rules

i do have a few things i hope to accomplish this summer. do you have your summer bucket list as well? our to-do's are mostly comprised of trips to the Y for pool-time, evening bike-rides, the completion of a good summer reading list, lighter meals with summer's freshest and best bounty, and night-time ice cream visits downtown. 

you know what i love? i love that my children help me to remember the magic of a summer's eve and a raucous good time in the earth's elements. heat and grass and water and a few trees keep them contented for days. and why shouldn't it? what a magnificent playground, this earth.

i don't want to let these few, preciously minimal, amount of summers with them fly by unnoticed or uncherished. did you realize that you only get like 18 summers with your kids, if you're lucky? and! i really ought to subtract from that number the summers of their impending teen years when they don't even WANT me around! ohmygosh, i'm about to panic here. breathe, rae. bbbbbbbbreathe. 

so. i'm going to slow down and savor. in fact, emerson just walked passed me typing on this computer right now, and she's completely naked. it's 4pm on a 100 degree day, and that girl really knows how to enjoy herself. the best.  

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Beautiful Photos!!!