Monday, June 29, 2015

Meal Planning Mondays: baby, it's hot outside.

Happy Monday, Mother Truckers.

If you can't face the reality of your laundry situation, sleep on it another day.

As in literally. Sleep on it. Maybe you'll feel more hopeful come Tuesday. My husband especially appreciates my domesticity-dodge technique. He'll collapse on top of the pile next to me and sigh, then I'll shuffle around, find a pair of my undies somewhere wedged in the load, dangle it near his face and ask if that makes everything all better in my Marilyn Monroe voice. Mister Prrrrresident. This is marital bliss.

{He actually folded and put away every last bit of that laundry for me yesterday. Yessir!}

{and NO. Those are NOT sheets hanging as curtains in my bedroom. 
They cotton art displays.}

Speaking of laundry...Need some tested and approved meal ideas?

{huh? what just happened?}

It's grill season! For Father's Day, we went down to Lowe's and picked out a new grill with Tyler. He kindly perused the aisles and compared features and pointed to the one he preferred. It was all so ho-hummingly cordial that I had no choice but to put two solid hands on my hips and huff:

"Um, helloooOOoo, we are getting you a GRILL for FATHER'S DAY?!?! We are like the quintessential family Father's Day television commercial right now...I've even brought this golf polo and a visor for you to put on for pictures....aren't you PUMPED about this? You seem so...ordinary right now."

"Well, were you exactly THRILLED the last time I bought you a stove for the kitchen?"

Hmm. Touche.

Fine, he's onto me. Cooking duties largely fall on him for the summer. Mr. Grillmaster Haack. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO MEEEEEEEE! I'll have even more time to nap on top of my laundry pile!!!!

Happy wife, happy life. Poor man.


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