Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Meal Planning Mondays: Oh, right. It's Wednesday.

Oh boy. It's happened. We have literally scraped the bottom of our refrigerator. I sent the girls off to school with a few wilted celery sticks and some lunch money, much to their protestation. Do you have those weeks too?...when the thought of a grocery store makes you want to crawl into a hole and cry in fetal position for the next seven years? Instead of sucking it up, you just proceed with life and that empty refrigerator, acting as if the daily arrival of dinner-time is a complete shock and abomination. Maybe the next day everyone will forget they need to eat.

I blame Emerson. Shopping with her can do that to me. As each member of our family looks into our entirely empty pantry and turns with distraught looks and hungry groans I redirect: don't you look at me! It's her fault! Don't let those batty eyes and fluffy curls fool you, people. Last time we were in the store she dropped the glass jar of applesauce in the aisle. Or,  Ellie-Jjjjjjjjjjjjane! How about we examine HER. You know what happened when I refused to buy the chocolate cupcakes?... she yelled, " Fine! THEN YOU AREN'T MY MUDDA ANYMORE."

Do you know what that's like? Can you even imagine the horror? The disowned mother, who turns only to face the humorless stares of childless college hipsters splatted in applesauce flecks while shopping in Trader Joes?! Hell! We don't even have the budget to shop for a family of six at Trader Joes! I just wanted to see what it would feel like! I mean, Heck! I meant to say Heck. We don't say the word hell unless we are talking about the actual place, girls.


So, yyyyyyyyeah. We've been on a dry run for a while. It's been too many days now, and I can't handle the thought of more take-out or fried eggs. I've decided to get my act together. I've whipped out my other bible and put together a sound meal plan.

Because let's be real here. When one feeds their family, it is nothing short of a miraculous feat. It takes so much downright dogged determination, planning, and skill to keep a kitchen running. Even with the occasional nightmare of a publicly embarrassing spectacle, I hope I don't forget the honor of this whole process. All of this bounty. All of these beautiful foods we are privileged to prepare and share with loved ones.

We've got it good. 
Happy Feeding your family, folks! Get the kids involved.:)




Here was a previous meal plan line up. I will only share recipes we've used and approved!

1. Lemon Artichoke Chicken (thanks Katy!). Your house will smell amazing. Cook extra chicken in the same pan, it works great as leftovers to use in this recipe:
2. Poppy-Seed Chicken Pitas
3. Pasta Primavera. Delicious hot, and even more delicious next day as a cold pasta salad leftover. I use Trader Joe's Brown Rice Quinoa Fusili pasta in this recipe and feel super healthy about the whole affair.
4. Sausage Pizza with Caramelized Onions.  All weekends deserve a pizza (I use pre-made dough).

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