Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tahoe Family.

As luck would have it, all 8 Hansen siblings and spouses and children were in the same town for Mallory's baby shower in June!

Now, more than ever, it means so much when we can get together and have fun. We spent a day up at Tahoe, just like we did regularly in the summer as kids. Only this time, we spend most of the time chasing after our own little people.  

{Tyler and Chris missing...had to return to work. boo hoo.}

I am so, so proud of every single one of these people. Not a bad apple in the bunch! I admire the sort of kind, loving, respectful, smart, genuinely good adults (and soon-to-be-adult, wink wink Rissa) they each are. 

We are all very different, which can make for an interesting spectacle. We're also weirdly the same in a lot of ways too. We make a rowdy bunch, and there is never a shortage of opinions or feelings or, heck, even all-out brawling. But there is also, definitely, an insane amount of love and care mixed in. 

I'm incredibly lucky to call these peeps my family.

It was hard to get a picture, all of it is a little blurry but still, a 2015 treasure for sure.

Here was our best attempt at getting a picture of all of the cousins...

 {Lily, London, Finnan, Ellie-Jane, Forrest, Sawyer, Emerson, Oliver, Wyatt, Redd, and Winter}
 {with two more babies coming up soon!}
{is there such a thing as too much happiness? never.}

I LOVE these munchkins.

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