Friday, July 24, 2015

Three things.

"I read the internet so much I feel like I'm on the millionth page of the worst book, ever."
-Aziz Ansari {shout-out, Parks & Rec}

it's fridayyy! and i'm off, but not without leaving you with the following items of business...

first, is that not the mostest bestest timeliest you can totally relate-est to quote?! Heard it during this Freakonomics podcast. Freakonomics tends to be a staple podcast round these parts. a quote which leads to....

second, i have re-ignited my desire to devour books recently. because reading a million pages on the internet makes you feel...well, what does it make you feel? for me, i mostly end up confusing myself as the newest authoritative expert on 1) nine foods that could unknowingly be causing you indigestion 2) midwest flood patterns, and 3) scared cat videos.

however! having finished a whopping two books in the past month reminded me of what it once felt like to have a cohesive amount of accomplished literature transferred into my brain. it's amazing! i feel like a genius! i'd especially been craving some Sedaris. currently reading Me Talk Pretty One Day.

a heavy dose of sardonic wit and humor is my jam. not sure that i'm proud of this fact. the reasons for this are two-fold: such an inclination tends to get me in the most trouble in my life (cynicism can be an entirely too comfortable baseline state for me), and even using the word sardonic in a sentence makes one an instantly snobbish a$$hole. but i tell you, i love this author's style. reading this book feels like scratching a good itch. books that make one laugh out loud are always good books, right?

third, emerson.

{ice cream cone face!}

this is the face of a child who knows she's cute. these types are trouble i tell you. you never know what's up their sleeve. or, their topless overall romper. there's a twinkle in that eye. you see it? i pay daily for that twinkle. she walked into our neighbor's home unannounced last week, in nothing but her underwear. rang the doorbell 7 times, didn't bother to wait for anyone to answer, and waltzed through their house at 7:30 am. of course, i wasn't there to witness it. just, know... lying around in my bed reading the internet, when the text came through on my phone. hey, emerson is over here. breakfast? 

oh the stories i could tell with this child. but, i still must stubbornly declare that i'm actually quite excited to see what a kid like her has in store for me as an adult. who knows, maybe she'll be the one to pen my most favorite sardonic comedy someday...

happy weekend!


The Andersens said...

I just finished All the Light You Cannot See. You must read it. It's fabulous!! I love Sedaris too. Oh I do!! Xo miss you!

Rachel Haack said...

Oh thank u for the suggestion! I will definitely put that one on my list! I imagine u have plenty of good recommendations. I'll have to hit u up again for more in the future:)


Alex said...

I discovered similar pancakes about a year ago and have them pretty much every weekend....and I don't even feel bad about it. ;)