Sunday, August 30, 2015

Meal Planning Mondays: When the Root Children Wake Up

My life relies heavily upon the construct of seasons. An oft repeated mantra of my mother's has kept alive the biblical wisdom a time and a season for all things. She would often say some expression to that effect as we tried to determine the order and priority of our budding adult lives. In particular,with her daughters, she has reminded me that to become a fully realized woman, and to achieve all of my own important, personal dreams, one must wisely construct what to cultivate in which season.

This season of my life is a good one. Fruitful, abundant, domestic. Now, probably more than ever, I am immersed in home life and all of its joy and workload. Developing this skill-set, this life-at-home-with-children system, has been the priority for me for over a decade now. I'm still working on it. There are days, enchantingly simple days, when the only sounds I hear from sun-up to sun-down are comprised of the chatter of my girls' play and the hum of a whirling dryer. The waft of a good fabric softener lingers with freshly folded towels. My schedule is filled cooking meals, scrubbing toilets, and organizing closets. I am constantly assessing and reassessing how to make life easier and more efficient within these walls. Trying to create an atmosphere of growth and spirit and peace. School papers piled and sorted. Permission slips signed. Prayers said. Goals jotted on a sticky note stuck to the refrigerator.

This is my life right now. And it is so good. It is hard too.

A favorite children's book I've read repeatedly to my girls is When the Root Children Wake Up. It has great illustrations that their eyes feast upon for a solid five minutes before I'm permitted to turn the page. The story tells of a gaggle of fairy children who flitter about the earth celebrating the separate seasons in all of their glory. There's Grandfather Winter, Aunt Spring, Cousin Summer, and Uncle Fall. I love Uncle Fall. He arrives with his spectacles on and ushers in the rich, studious Autumnal season.

We are preparing for just that. The school year is the second New Year's for me. I am busy organizing the house again, stocking away beach gear, purchasing school supplies, and designing homework areas. In the hours leading up to the big first day, the girls excitedly stare at their new school shoes and obsessive compulsively sharpen their new pencils. It's almost better than Christmas.

In keeping with the endless thrills of back-to-school neurosis, I also have a steady line-up of meals ready in my other bible. Which, I lost last week. I cannot stress to you the corresponding panic which ensued. What was once a sneaking suspicion has now been fully confirmed. My name is Rae, and I'm a notebook addict. My brain doesn't exist anywhere other than on those pages. If that book isn't with me daily, I don't even know who I am anymore.

My shaking hands trembled as I mentally retraced my steps for the previous day and anxiously dialed our pediatrician's office.

"Hello, yes, this is the Haack children's mother. I was wondering if perhaps you found a notebook lying around your office anywhere? We were there for an appointment yesterday?"

"Can you describe what it looks like?"

"It's a ringed 5 x 7 notebook. Clipped inside of the rings is a .005 extra fine tipped Ebony inked pen. The cover is an unexpected yet happy combination of orange, blue, green, and pinks. I know,'s a rather juvenile color combo that really doesn't sound good in theory, but in its muted tones really works surprisingly well. The paper inside I'd venture to say is nearing around 10 point thickness. The pages won't tear easily, which as you know, is important. Inside, there are meal plans, schedules, journal entries, gratitude lists, bullet points covering what I'm always angry about, and my ten year plan for our financial future. On the cover it reads LOTS OF REALLY GREAT IDEAS ----"

At this point the receptionist heard my voice crack and interrupted to place me on hold.

They found it.

Happy Monday!

Links to meal plan below:

1. 20 minute Chicken Parmesan with Zucchini Noodles. Have you gotten a spiralizer yet? It's definitely made a difference around here.
2. Sweet Potato Hash. Delicious. Easy. Good For You.
3. Corn and Coconut Soup. Because it isn't official soup season yet. This is a good summer soup.
4. Hoping to take the girls apple picking this week. These Apple Cookies seem like the perfect way to snack through September.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All of the Beautiful Things.


{This post is courtesy of the six hours a week Mama has to herself (eeek!)}


{I won this beauty in a silent auction at a nearby thrift shop. $35. fahreaking out. pinch me pinch me pinch me.}

{as is London}

{It even came with a box of old miscellaneous furniture! It needs tidying up. I will spend this week painting and cleaning pieces. Just what Tyler wanted...a wife who is giddy over fixing up her house AND who is now even more giddy over fixing up her miniature house inside of her house.}


{Lily spent hours in our backyard with a hammer and nails, building something. Later, I came outside and was so impressed with her skills. She constructed her very own lemonade stand, spray painted it and all. Too cute. Had to go all out after that...}

{She hired her employees, and we set to work}

 {Mom acted as consultant on the ad campaign. heh heh.}

 {Slam dunk success. Turns out, the neighbors appreciate a cold glass of lemonade from squealing girls. Lily used her proceeds to cover her upfront expenses, pay her employees, and she even donated 10% as a tithe to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. After all was said and done, she still had a decent profit to go play with. Good business venture, Lu Bug!}

 {Look at her cute stand! This kid.}

{Lily also printed up Dog Walking flyers. Again, another one of her entrepenurial schemes that she came up with entirely on her own. }

{Girls, they run the world.}

{My favorite parts: Too bored or lazy to walk your dog? Come to me!...AND "Dog annoying you? Get it out of the house. Let us take care of it! We are the only ones to do it right! A aaaa haaaaaaa ha! whaaaat?!!! Where does she come up with this stuff!?}


 {Sous Chef}

{Sous Chef gets all the scraps.}

{The Main Chef's workstation didn't look much better}

 {The undiscovered school teacher in me always itches to change up an area of the house to celebrate the current season. I can't help myself. Rae Tip: Continually reuse and repurpose any holiday decor you may have. Example: I will often grab whatever red stuff I have on hand and change it around for Christmas/Valentines/School Season/Fourth of July/etc.}

{slowly filling my library with the best}

 {My favorite candle Company. This month merited the scent of Apple Cinnamon. }

I love this time of year. 
Coming up soon, back to school shenanigans!

"Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance."

Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Album Time: The Haack Family Summer Hoopla Presents...

{photo bomb ahead. because why do we limit ourselves? let there be 9,000 photos! }

Here we go!

{In no particular order...}

{Uncle Jacob and Uncle Daniel, also known as Fritz and Ernst (throwback Swiss Family Robinson!), went down to the sea of Cortez a few months ago and earned their sailing certifications. Hooray for us!}

{born to sail!}

{Auntie Mal and Auntie Erica}

{Auntie Riss}

{Pop worked under Jacob's commands...a nice role reversal there. It's rather cathartic to get to boss your parent around.}

{our beachside ferry system. don't hate. were we embarrassed to a have metal army canoe at Lake Tahoe? NO WE WERE NOT. IT'S VINTAGE. wink.}

{hey HEY ladies!!}

{Auntie Sarah and Sawyer}

{deeeez faces. MUAH.}

{The girlies love their Pop}

{What's that you see?! It's a sexy manfish! Out there! Look!}

{Don't panic. Captain Sawyer and Emerson have everything under control.}

{The Queen has arrived by transport}


{Go ahead, live a little.}

{Uncle Jacob with his strapping lads, Oliver and Wyatt}

{I'm now happy to report Sawyer loves Uncle Tyler. I'm jealous.}

{Baby Winter!!!!!}

{dat face. Stop it. Wyatt cuddled Auntie Rae so much on the trip and healed all of her "I don't have a son" wounds. Love him so.}

{Char-Pit! No annual summer pilgrimage is complete without it.}

{this is what happens while Mom runs into the store for road tripping supplies...}

{London is totally feeling it...}

{Let's talk Emerson and her "Baby Wintah."}


{"Mom, stay close by...Emerson is bonkers..."}

{...but I'll still chew on her face a little...}

{Her face. I CAWN'T. I SIMPLY CAWN'T.}
{and check out those booooobies!!!!! THE BEST!!!!}

{Ollie boy. Peanut butter yummy face.}

{Catchin' Crawdads}

{I can and I WILL.}

{All I ever need to illustrate the core of my children's personalities is go tubing on a lake...
Lily: Fast. I will NOT fall off.
London: Slow. Slower!! Slowerrrrr! Okay, I'm done.
Emerson: Sharks!!! Sharka bite! Sharka bite!!!!}

{Lily Selfie.}
{Too cool for school.}

{Climbing the Rocks! A favorite Tahoe pastime.}

{Fat babies merit extra pictures.}

{These two celebrated 35 years this month! What is their secret?}

{His smooth wit and obvious romantic charm...}

{Love them. Tyler's parents also celebrated 34 years this summer as well!}

{Hello Wintah. Remember me? Emerson? buahahahahaha.}

{Shhhhhh....don't worry....everything is going to be just fine....}

{you simply need to stay still...while i poke you.}

{and smoosh you.}

{and breathe directly into your face for 17 minutes...}

{Haack Fam 2015!}

Haack Family Tahoe archive:

{Haack/Hansen/Gurries Fam!}

And that's a wrap!

{Special thanks, Uncle Jacob & Auntie Erica, for all of our boating adventures!}

{And to Pop...for the metal canoe. ha!}