Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All of the Beautiful Things.


{This post is courtesy of the six hours a week Mama has to herself (eeek!)}


{I won this beauty in a silent auction at a nearby thrift shop. $35. fahreaking out. pinch me pinch me pinch me.}

{as is London}

{It even came with a box of old miscellaneous furniture! It needs tidying up. I will spend this week painting and cleaning pieces. Just what Tyler wanted...a wife who is giddy over fixing up her house AND who is now even more giddy over fixing up her miniature house inside of her house.}


{Lily spent hours in our backyard with a hammer and nails, building something. Later, I came outside and was so impressed with her skills. She constructed her very own lemonade stand, spray painted it and all. Too cute. Had to go all out after that...}

{She hired her employees, and we set to work}

 {Mom acted as consultant on the ad campaign. heh heh.}

 {Slam dunk success. Turns out, the neighbors appreciate a cold glass of lemonade from squealing girls. Lily used her proceeds to cover her upfront expenses, pay her employees, and she even donated 10% as a tithe to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. After all was said and done, she still had a decent profit to go play with. Good business venture, Lu Bug!}

 {Look at her cute stand! This kid.}

{Lily also printed up Dog Walking flyers. Again, another one of her entrepenurial schemes that she came up with entirely on her own. }

{Girls, they run the world.}

{My favorite parts: Too bored or lazy to walk your dog? Come to me!...AND "Dog annoying you? Get it out of the house. Let us take care of it! We are the only ones to do it right! A aaaa haaaaaaa ha! whaaaat?!!! Where does she come up with this stuff!?}


 {Sous Chef}

{Sous Chef gets all the scraps.}

{The Main Chef's workstation didn't look much better}

 {The undiscovered school teacher in me always itches to change up an area of the house to celebrate the current season. I can't help myself. Rae Tip: Continually reuse and repurpose any holiday decor you may have. Example: I will often grab whatever red stuff I have on hand and change it around for Christmas/Valentines/School Season/Fourth of July/etc.}

{slowly filling my library with the best}

 {My favorite candle Company. This month merited the scent of Apple Cinnamon. }

I love this time of year. 
Coming up soon, back to school shenanigans!

"Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance."

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