Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Faves!

I read an approximate three blogs nowadays. I don't have time for much else. But the ones I do read include good links. Links to things worth checking out, or not worth checking out per se, but definitely worth wasting time on.;)

I often listen to podcasts, lectures, or read like a junky. When I find something particularly insightful or helpful, I tend to turn to the walls inside my house and give a nod: That was AMAZING, eh eh?!

Going forward, when I can remember, I will slap up a few links in this space. Rae's recommendations. Or Friday Faves? Or...any appealing alliterative title will do.

Here we go:

*Baking these, AGAIN, this afternoon. Truly a delicious, healthy banana oatmeal peanut butter cookie.

*Seven Mistakes Even Smart Couples Make. 

*Imagining the Future. Innovation and God. Great discussion. I love the Veritas Forum. The comments about imagination really struck me. Calling on Artists and Poets, we NEED you!!

*15 Things you Need to Give up to be Happy. {Apparently, I'm really into lists. And, there are easily 4 things on this list I don't think I'm capable of giving up! LOST CAUSE.}

*Afterbirth: Essays you won't read in a Parenting Magazine. These essays are fantastic, touching, and laugh-out-loud worthy. I read this summer by the pool and had to restrain myself from slapping the person next to me while laughing. Why do I want to hit people when I read funny books?!

*I've gotten obsessed with dreams. I am having so many lately. I discussed this with my Mom one evening and we messed around looking up stuff in the Dream Dictionary. We looked up the meanings behind the symbols we have frequently had in our own dreams and it was FAHreaky how relevant the commentary was. The dreams that I remember getting repeatedly often have to do with me going to the bathroom in front of everyone and not being able to stop it. I'm just sitting on a toilet, naked, in the middle of a public place and I'm HORRIFIED. Yet, I can't really get off and run away!? It's quite a bizarre and hilarious and humiliating dream. For my mom, she will repeatedly have dreams about having gum stuck in her mouth. Just gobs of it, and she can't get it out.  I'm jotting down notes in the morning now just to remember my dreams. This is all insane. But super fun too.

Coming up next! The Haack Family's Summer Hoopla!

Sailing! Take me awayyyyyy!

Happy Friday!

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Joan said...

I'm DYYYINNNG about your sailing photo!!! hahahaaha. Your leg kicked up and holding your hat! Classic Rae photo shoot. I can hear you coaching Tyler on the angle and how you want the steering wheel in the shot with lots of blue sky in the background! Oh, I love you!
Ps: You nailed it btw. #magazineworthy