Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Album Time: The Haack Family Summer Hoopla Presents...

{photo bomb ahead. because why do we limit ourselves? let there be 9,000 photos! }

Here we go!

{In no particular order...}

{Uncle Jacob and Uncle Daniel, also known as Fritz and Ernst (throwback Swiss Family Robinson!), went down to the sea of Cortez a few months ago and earned their sailing certifications. Hooray for us!}

{born to sail!}

{Auntie Mal and Auntie Erica}

{Auntie Riss}

{Pop worked under Jacob's commands...a nice role reversal there. It's rather cathartic to get to boss your parent around.}

{our beachside ferry system. don't hate. were we embarrassed to a have metal army canoe at Lake Tahoe? NO WE WERE NOT. IT'S VINTAGE. wink.}

{hey HEY ladies!!}

{Auntie Sarah and Sawyer}

{deeeez faces. MUAH.}

{The girlies love their Pop}

{What's that you see?! It's a sexy manfish! Out there! Look!}

{Don't panic. Captain Sawyer and Emerson have everything under control.}

{The Queen has arrived by transport}


{Go ahead, live a little.}

{Uncle Jacob with his strapping lads, Oliver and Wyatt}

{I'm now happy to report Sawyer loves Uncle Tyler. I'm jealous.}

{Baby Winter!!!!!}

{dat face. Stop it. Wyatt cuddled Auntie Rae so much on the trip and healed all of her "I don't have a son" wounds. Love him so.}

{Char-Pit! No annual summer pilgrimage is complete without it.}

{this is what happens while Mom runs into the store for road tripping supplies...}

{London is totally feeling it...}

{Let's talk Emerson and her "Baby Wintah."}


{"Mom, stay close by...Emerson is bonkers..."}

{...but I'll still chew on her face a little...}

{Her face. I CAWN'T. I SIMPLY CAWN'T.}
{and check out those booooobies!!!!! THE BEST!!!!}

{Ollie boy. Peanut butter yummy face.}

{Catchin' Crawdads}

{I can and I WILL.}

{All I ever need to illustrate the core of my children's personalities is go tubing on a lake...
Lily: Fast. I will NOT fall off.
London: Slow. Slower!! Slowerrrrr! Okay, I'm done.
Emerson: Sharks!!! Sharka bite! Sharka bite!!!!}

{Lily Selfie.}
{Too cool for school.}

{Climbing the Rocks! A favorite Tahoe pastime.}

{Fat babies merit extra pictures.}

{These two celebrated 35 years this month! What is their secret?}

{His smooth wit and obvious romantic charm...}

{Love them. Tyler's parents also celebrated 34 years this summer as well!}

{Hello Wintah. Remember me? Emerson? buahahahahaha.}

{Shhhhhh....don't worry....everything is going to be just fine....}

{you simply need to stay still...while i poke you.}

{and smoosh you.}

{and breathe directly into your face for 17 minutes...}

{Haack Fam 2015!}

Haack Family Tahoe archive:

{Haack/Hansen/Gurries Fam!}

And that's a wrap!

{Special thanks, Uncle Jacob & Auntie Erica, for all of our boating adventures!}

{And to Pop...for the metal canoe. ha!}

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