Friday, September 25, 2015

E.U.C. Droppin like it's HOT.

do you remember when you used to purchase actual CDs?

are they still sold in stores?

who does that anymore? really, wasn't the whole CD purchasing thing a brief window of time, lasting an approximate 3 weeks before the smart kid in your school learned how to burn songs on a computer? then, you just paid him a few bucks for your custom pirated playlist you'd inevitably have to hide from your parents? anywayzzz.

this just occurred to me: i'm old.

i snapped these pictures last week. on a standard issue, hot and sticky afternoon day.

and decided that if CD's were still a thing, this photo spread would represent the haack ladies' album of 2015.

below, the cover:

their band name?


emotionally unstable comedians.

or, E.E.U.C.

EXTREMELY emotionally unstable comedians.

Top hits would include:

1. She hit me first.
2. You DO NOT understand MY life.
3. Emerson did it.
4. Listen, fool, I ain't goin' to bed.
5. BUT!....
6. THAT'S IT. I'm running away.

these are my kids.

i am so glad these are my kids.


Joan said...

I'm so shocked that your girls are oozing with attitude, drama, and brilliance. Who is there mother!?! HELLLOOOO?! I love it. I love you. I LOVE your girlies :)

Katy Nicole. said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!