Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday pppplus linkage!

I'm tired. How about you?

Yesterday Tyler asked, "What are our plans this weekend? Is it a nothing weekend? PLEASE tell me it's a nothing weekend."

Wishes do come true! It's a nothing weekend.

Also, will I ever have time in my life to post mid-week? Who knows. I've spent the past three months trying to clean the upstairs well enough to post photos of our work. It still has yet to happen.

 I sit here typing this on my front porch. Emerson is busy catching worms from underneath rocks, and the older three are playing some sort of imaginary game with a highly developed plot. It involves plenty of screaming and marching through the grass with arms tightly laced behind their backs, mimicking restrictive movements as if bound tightly in ropes and gagged. 

You know, before that trash bag atrociously stupid miserable excuse of a novel Fifty Shades came out, I could type that kind of a sentence without feeling weirded out.

Anyways. I'm excited for our nothing weekend. It will likely be spent cleaning our upstairs and overdecorating for Autumn. 

And Emerson will spend the weekend un-doing it all. There is no such thing as progress around here.

Oh yeah, and we repainted our door - again!

Here's what I've been up to lately:

How to Think About Guns. From the peeps at Freakonomics.

Faith and Healing. This is part of the Faith and Life Lecture Series. Some of the most edifying and uplifting hours I spend during my week come from listening to this. I LOVE these lectures. 

Searching for Sunday. This one is a serious contender for hands down, the best book I've read in 2015. Enjoying every bit. 

Take a deep breath, guys. Cuz it's the weekend.

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