Thursday, October 22, 2015

Friday, three things.

1. I'm excited. Tomorrow, a load of nephews are set to arrive on my front porch, ready for a week of fun and games with cousins at Auntie Rae and Uncle Tyler's!!! Woot woot!

We're small children under the age of 9.

When my brother called and asked if I was really up to the task I replied,




Why would he even question that?

I mean. Come on.  Look at this. Who wouldn't want to leave their kids with this? 

2. Hair.

I dunno, I'm thinking I want extensions.

  I texted such to my hair stylist. Then I changed my mind. Then I changed my mind again. Then I changed my mind again. These are real problems. I'm overwhelmed by just how legitimate and important and necessary these real problems are. 

 3. As if they needed another, I give you reason 999,999,999 why my brother and sis-in-law should feel comfortable leaving their children with me:

Because this, this? ACTUALLY HAPPENED. 

I'm not ashamed.

Happy Weekend!

{Wish me luck. And please, pray for me to make the right decision about my hair. Because remember? Real problems.}


Lori Haack said...

Wow! Who couldn't love this women Rachel? She is fun, cute and a good mommy to my grandbabies....ooops, and wife to my wonderful son! (not to mention a WONDERFUL AUNTIE!)xoxo Nonna

Anonymous said...

Prayers coming your way. I'm thinking about it too. I just know that I'll find something I hate about it. Plus I hate taking the time and spending money on stuff like that. I got eyelash extensions and it was a love/hate. Loved not wearing maskcara or any makeup at all. Hated laying there for 2 hours. I know that I should be excited about any excuse to close my eyes and lay down for 2 hours, but it wasn't in my bed, I wasn't in pjs, and I had my eyes force closed. That's not very relaxing. I never ended up getting them filled. Plus sleeping was weird. I was supposed to sleep on my back which made me not want too. I sleep better when I don't have to force myself to sleep in a specific way. ANYWAY if you do end up getting extensions, p,ease let me know the pros and cons.
Yay! Nephews! You are so lucky and they totally love you.

The Mrs. said...

Anonymous? that was me, Jamee Andelin. sorry. xoxo