Monday, October 5, 2015

Meal Planning Mondays: Grooms and such.

Rae here!

Busy meal planning, grocery shopping, and unpacking from a trip back to NV to attend a dear friend's wedding. Tyler was in the wedding party, and hot ddddayumn. The man looks so good in a tux. I was in full swoon all evening just looking at him. Such a real man, ya know? Gimme some a' DAT!

That's my groom, was all I could keep thinking.  Eleven years. It's getting harder to even talk about this as the years go by. I keep dissolving into a puddle of tears when I think of it: how much he means to me, how much I enjoy his companionship, how grateful I am that he is so committed, so thoughtful, so supportive. Eleven years by my side is no cake-walk, people! I've gotten progressively more insane as life continues to take its toll, and yet he remains the calm to my storm and the life to our little party. I love him so. He is my life's greatest gift.

I'm going to stop crying at my laptop now and instead post pictures of zucchini soup.

You have a happy Monday!

1. Silky Zucchini Soup. Rich, DELICIOUS, healthy!

3. Cucumber Salad with Edamame, sesame, and miso. Another great spin on your salad routine. Also, get a spiralizer if you don't have one, it will change your life! Serve it alongside your pork tenderloin.

4. So, I was chatting with a pear the other day, and it was like you know whatpumpkin thinks it is such hot sh*t right now. And I was like, yes. So I DEDICATE THIS TO YOU, under-appreciated Autumn pear. Cinnamon Pear Cake. (I substitute real whipped cream topping. None of that cool-whip nonsense.)

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