Monday, October 12, 2015

Raevelation 1:1.

This year, as the first day of school approached, my mother's heart was burdened with concern. So many things to prepare one's child for, so many words of counsel, so many blessings that I am wont to bestow.  I had many foretelling dreams of them: braving the lone, dreary plains of playground asphalt, waxing and waning betwixt tetherball and jumprope. Oh what a world what a world!

And thus, as a hen gathereth her chickens, I gathered my wee ones to my bosom, around the hearth that I might speak as the spirit moved me thus....

Children, said I.  What wisdom might I impart to thy lovely souls?! What words might be befitting of this most joyous occasion, the eve of thy schooling year? Thy education! Behold! I have seen a vision! And in it, I was thus commanded....

That your NAILS must....

like totally coordinate with your new backpacks.

And thus. It was so.


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