Thursday, November 5, 2015

Golden Girl.

Today is our Ellie Jane's 5th Birthday.

Born in the evening on the 5th day of November.

 I remember feeling like her birth was my best birth experience yet. It definitely foretold of the pure joy and bliss that would unfold being her mother. This child.

Happiness, she is.

So much happiness she has brought to our lives.

So animated, so full of life, so dang funny. Her eyes twinkle and she smiles with her entire body and always speaks with her pudgy hands illustrating every detail.  

Laughter comes easily to Ellie-Jane. Laughter and charm.

An amazing sister,

 and an especially loving and caring watch-keeper of her little sister Emerson.

I remember feeling guilty when I found out I was pregnant with baby #4 while Ellie-Jane was only 8 months old. I cried holding her, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I was cheating her out of baby-hood, feeling like she was somehow going to get the short-end of the stick. But oh my, how time and perspective and God's grace can have me face palming myself for ever feeling fearful.

Her spirit is one of vivacious good cheer and warmth. She is a LOVE. And a SASS. 

And a complete MANIAC on our tree swing.

And there ain't NO WAY this kid is EVER going to get lost in the birth order mix.

{yoga poses by Ellie}

Happy Birthday Ellie-Jane, the magnificent.

Your Mama and Daddy and sisters love you like CRAZY.


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