Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's less than one week till Christmas: which, naturally, seems like an appropriate time to recap Thanksgiving.

I have no holiday family posts from last year. And I know why. Holidays are so much work. I end up with 4,000 photos, and then I give up on sorting through them because I'm too tired. 

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year! Thankfully, Auntie Larissa took over the camera for the evening. Here's a peek at our Thanksgiving weekend, which was a total blast:

 {fresh Redlands oranges to greet our guests - and gratitude cards. we each write what we are thankful for, fold and put in a basket. during dinner, we pass around the basket and take turns reading each other's notes out loud. a favorite tradition of mine}

{pop, doing what pop does best! keeping the hooligans entertained outside}

 {it's time to battle! GET POP!!!}

 { side note: trailers. i imagine there's nothing southern californians love more than large hillbilly NV families parking trailers in the street, unloading 700 children, and arming them with weapons to run with. this is how we do it on my side of the family. deal with it, california.}

 {redd. my tablescape model.}

And into the evening we go!

 {mama to the rescue. saving me from myself as Thanksgiving hostess. cuz guys, listen. coordinating all the dishes to come out at the right time is SO HARD.}

 {baby evelyn, crowd charmer.}

 {is there some sort of botox injectable that can save me from my own natural face expressions?! what on earth in these conversations merits the looks i'm giving, i wonder?! i swear my baseline face expression modes only have three settings: extreme laughter, extreme contemplation, or extreme shock.}

{all the goobers, being gooberish.}

 {"no, i will NOT look at the camera."}

 {cleopatra, coming attacha. again!}

 {barbara, dear neighbor and friend}

 {there i go again. "christopher give rae-rae a hug."}

{"suzanne, i swear, if my baked mac and cheese isn't thoroughly cooked in the next 15 minutes, i'm going to jump out of that window. i mean it suzanne."}

 {forrest. oh forrest.}


 {mal and sweet linda, our new friend}

 {dat face.}

 {meanwhile, in fertility corner...}

 {beautiful mama mallory}

Overall, a perfect holiday. A little crowded, full of children,  lots of delicious food, and good company. 

Life doesn't get better than that.

Or...does it?!

{Disneyland the next day! 60th Anniversary year! Ten years ago, we came as a family for the 50th Anniversary and I was pregnant with Lily. It's unfathomable to me. Life, it keeps growing!}

I'm so thankful for this crowd.

THANKSGIVING 2015, that's a wrap.

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