Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Christmas Baby.

London Rae, eight today.

My beautiful, thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent, gifted London child. My early Christmas present, eight years ago. Last night, Daddy was recalling the details of your birth. Dad(s) never remember as well as Mom(s). I've found that each birth becomes a mush of details that get globbed into one story and applied evenly to each child. Lol. No, not really. But I was happy to remind him of a few of the particular glowing details as he told you the birth, that was with Ellie...remember with London that is the part when I starting vomiting, blood pressure was plummeting...

Oh yeah! he would remember...that's also the part when your Mom starting getting crazy eyes, giving wild looks over towards Grandma...

The grand finale is always the best part. When they held you up, and I felt instant first love. With you, my second baby, I was a little more prepared and a little less shocked over the whole event, which allowed for the instantaneous euphoria and rapture that I had heard of in birth delivery legends. 

Daddy still gets starry eyed and sweet when he remembers your birth, too. Gosh, if I had a dime for every time I hear him say "Oh Man. This girl. She MELTS me."

You're a melter, Lundy girl. No doubt about it. And unfortunately for your parents, Dad isn't the only male who feels this way. Second grade has apparently become the season of The Suitors for you. One afternoon, I found a folded-up picture in your backpack. It was a crayola-colored ocean scene, filled with various fish and complete with an intricate underwater castle. Up in the corner, it was signed by the illustrator. to london, love Eldon.

Which, immediately prompted a panic attack and a call to your father. 

So GET THIS. London has just received a LOVE PICTURE FROM ELDON. And let me tell you, this kid is GOOD. A real schmoozer, this punk. Tryin' to pull a fast one on us. The picture had all sorts of neon colored reefs and an UNDERWATER CASTLE in it. YES, AN UNDERWATER CASTLE. It had FLAGS and A DRAW-BRIDGE and A TURRET!!!!!! This guy already holds the key to her heart: HE'S IN. INVADER !! Underwater castles LIKE THIS are a direct ticket to future pregnancies for us. After work come grab the shotgun and find this kid on the monkey bars and give him a sound talking to. ELDON I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER. any more of that CASTLE business and YOU DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW....

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, London the heart melter. It isn't the first boy we've learned of. Another mother came to me after class this year and said, I'm very sorry, but my son is completely in love with your daughter. We had a good laugh together and commiserated over our heartbreak that our children wouldn't belong to us forever. 

Luckily, you mostly don't have a clue about any of the little boy attention surrounding you in school. Any mention of it from me leaves you cringing and hiding in utter shock and horror. Which is pretty cute, really. You're still endearingly innocent and uninterested in the romantic intricacies of the older world. 

For Christmas, I had to keep prodding you to make a list of what you wanted. I already had Lily's, 35 items long and ranked in tiers according to priority level. But you, when asked, stated,

"Um, I don't really want much this Chrwistmas. Just a baby doll with a diaper kit and a stuffed unicorwn."

Be still my beating heart. 

Grandma and Pop more than happily provided the requested items early, for your birthday. You and your new doll have been almost inseparable. When you leave the room, you've asked me to please "babysit her" and make sure "she's okay". You know, you've tempted your father and I more than once to have another child. Mainly because we realize we won't have to raise it because you'll do a better job than us anyways.

Life with you for the past eight years has been an intoxicating little girl dream for us, London. I am hard-pressed to find a single thing I don't utterly delight over with you. I love your voice, I love the way you love to sing, I love your imagination, I love your natural talent, I love your intense sensitivity. Even with the challenges it brings, your heart is magnificently large and your mind always busy at work figuring out the meaningful bits of life. You're quite an observer, and always one to first pick up on the feelings in a room. You're first to notice and ask, "Mom, are you having a hard day? Would you like to start over?" (A frequent phenomena in our house, when life gets difficult or tempers run wild. We decide to "start over" an approximate 6 times a day. Hey! Forgiveness people!)

Emotional self-regulation has been the central channeling task of parenting you. Which should come as no surprise given that I'm your very hot-headed mother. It's all in the genes, apparently. But take it from me, the good news is that when you're an adult they have hormone pills for this kind of imbalance!!! Exciting! 

But ultimately I know that your deep-seated intuitions and feelings in life are your gifts. Your sensitivity is your greatest asset. I notice it constantly, from the way you nurture your baby dolls and sisters and cousins, to the way you were bothered on our trip to Mexico when you saw some small children in poverty on the streets. You had a hard time letting go of those sights, and I have a few photographs where I see your sad eyes, staring intently at them in concern,  much more interested in their condition than the gum they were selling.

 I think some people in life are born with the gifts of being movers, shakers, teachers, revolutionaries, mystics. And then there are healers. I think you are a healer, Lundy girl. And in order to heal in life, you have to know where it hurts first. 

So I thank God daily for your magnificent, sensitive heart and breadth of emotion. It's a special gift that you have. It's made our home all the more lovely and filled with the warmth of spirit.

Happy Birthday my sweet, darling, unique, funny, wonderful child!

{all she wants for christmas are her two....;)}

Love always,



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