Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Photo Bomb of Epic Proportion: Viva Mexico

Just when you think the cold weather is setting in, and the holidays loom with long lists of tasks to complete....you know what?.... you could always just....run away to Mexico. 

That's just what this here Haack family did in November. Pinch me. My in-laws have a long standing tradition of going to Cabo for vacation. I remember clear back into yonder years past, missing and waiting for my boyfriend Tyler to returned sun-kissed and handsome as ever from his latest trip. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would one day accompany them with his four children in tow!?!

We are the luckiest. Poppa Don and Nonna Lori hosted us to the most dreamy vacation with family, right smack dab in the beginning of the winter season. I know, I know. I don't deserve it, I'll never deserve it, and yet...I'm sure as heck not going to take it for granted. When you get an amazing family for in-laws, you just thank your lucky stars that they allow you around.

And you bring your camera. 

What follows is a photo flood that is sure to break the internet...you've been warned.

{flight ready! we are loving the current age-range of our girls. they are excited over anything and everything: the escalators, checking our bags, going through security, watching airplanes. it makes life so fun.}

 {emerson, sky-malling it up.}

 {take off! poor london. she takes after her mother: anxiety, fear of plane crashing, irritability over noise levels, claustrophobia in her seat....lol}

{we've arrived!}

{the villa? SO VILLA.}

It's parTAY time!!!

 {The whole gang, heading into town...}

{dinner at Maro's, and a special song dedicated to emerson: "Sweet Emerson" - a la Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline. THE CUTEST. emmie girl giggled bashfully the whole time...}

{we especially appreciated the way Lindy put up with all the little girl minions. who were never short on questions and lack of boundaries...}

{evenings hosted a long tradition of card games and mexican train, woot woot!}


{the girls loved the market scene...}

 {my peeps!}

 {handsome brothers}

{ellie jane's signature pose of the trip: the cleopatra coming' atcha?...}

{emerson and swim bonnets, da cootest...}

 {pina coladas on demand! and our favorite Amigo Daniel! }

 {the staff was incredible, they played games with the girls all day...}

 {paddleboard yoga for me! hooray!!!}

{working on my yoga skillz...after falling in 800 times, i finally got it...}

{sandy bums!}

{evenings were heavenly...}


 {final night out!}

I love my family.


Ashley said...

Oh my beautiful! You lucky ducks but it was well deserved :)

Casady said...

Please sign me up!....but seriously I want to go there.

The Mrs. said...

You look so beautiful and sun-kissed! Woot!! Paddle boards yoga! I've always wanted to try it-way to go!!

Lacy said...

Holy headstand on a paddle board!! I'm impressed!! That's hard! So lucky to have Don and Lori, and so lucky for them they have so many to spoil!