Monday, January 11, 2016

Ten for Ten.

{We interrupt the Ellie-ism series for this message. 
Today is Lily Tyler Haack's 10th birthday. This is a big deal.}

To Lily.

10 observations of a 10 year-old.

1. For your birthday morning, I ran to the store after dropping you off at school with the promise to return with a special birthday lunch. It included a big bag of flaming hot cheetos. You love to burn your mouth to shreds and beg for these chips on any road trip.

2. I overheard you talking to Grandma on the phone early this morning, calling to wish you happy birthday. I heard you say stuff like, "oh, that's hilarious!" and "thanks so much for calling!". You are endearingly gracious and I love hearing you absorb and express such adult-like banter in that heartbreakingly cute girl voice, one which carries the teensiest bit of a lisp sounding through the spaces in your teeth.

3. For one of your birthday presents I went to Barnes and Noble and bought you the Egyptology book you want so badly. You've been building your collection: Oceanology, Wizardology, Monsterology. 

4. You are an accessory lover. Nonna sent you the dolphin and owl dangly earrings you were pining for at Claire's. Also, minion socks. You regularly fantasize about shoes and purchased your own pair of boots with heels at Tilly's a few weeks ago. I personally felt it was rather silly to have you in a pair of heels, but then I watched you exit our car for school the next day wearing them. You cobbled and clunked your way to class in those puppies with such self assurance and dignity that I was really glad I surrendered that battle. You go girl.

5. You have been especially touched by the loss of Mikey. You keep his picture taped up next to your bed. I know that some nights, your mind goes where every little developing mind goes: into spaces of thought that consider realities like death, or suffering, or loss. Sometimes you need a hug, and to be reassured that life is going to be okay and that you are not alone. These moments make my heart ache because it is so clear to me you are growing up, shedding little bits of innocence here and there along the way. 

6. You are fiercely loyal to your sisters. A small girl once acted pretty awfully towards Emerson. Despite all pleading, you've never really liked her since. You're working on extending forgiveness, but I have to say I really like the sister-bear in you. Another time, you had a friend over playing and I overheard your conversation; your friend was annoyed with London, and said, "I'm sorry, I am your friend but I DON'T like London." You replied, "Well, if you don't like my sister then I can't be your friend anymore!" Honestly, for all of your sisterly bickering I was a little shocked I didn't hear you say, "Yeah! I don't like her either!" It was at that moment I thought, despite all the sister squabbles, we're good. We're really good.

7. Your current favorite food (or non food, I should say) is corn dogs.

8. You have especially excelled in your fourth grade year. I most appreciate the fact that you have a teacher who adores you. She pulled me aside one day and said, "shhhh. as teachers we don't have favorites...but you know...lily." Gosh that made my momma world. There was a time when you were three years-old I would have bet one million dollars that you, my child, were NOT going to end up a fourth grade teacher's pet. And yet, here we are!

9. Your most frequently used word lately is "literally". Only you still pronounce it "Litrally." Litrally mom, this is like litrally the hardest homework problem i have EVER done. Litrally."

10. You've given us a decade of life with you, and I've can't believe what a never-ending falling in love process it is. Dad and I don't just love you, we love you infinitely, excessively,  obsessively, never-endingly. A love that still magically has the capacity to keep GROWING?  It defies all logic, and yet it's true. You're always full of surprises. You challenge me as a mother. You make me excited about life. You will do great things, of that I'm certain. You already have, kid.




10 x 10 x 10 raised to the 10 millionth trillionth, and beyond.

Happy Birthday!!!




This blog is ancient.


Katy Nicole. said...

I love this!! K, can we pleeease get some Ellie Jane and Emerson-isms up in here?!! Love you friend!!

Joan said...

My goodness how she's grown from 9 to 10?! She looks so tweenager-ish as a ten year old. At nine she still had such a young, little girl face. One year and she's turning in to a little lady.
Happy Birthday, Miss Lily Tyler.