Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Finally, Emersonisms.

Behold, Emerson.

So here's the thing about this kid. This adorable kid. When I thought of all the funny and quirky things to record, it's mainly all the funny and quirky ways she says quite normal things. Because, you see, Miss Emerson has a bit of a speech delay that we've been working on. It isn't so much the content of her sentences that bring us such joy, so much as the fact that we are finally hearing actual sentences come out of her mouth! 

It's a big, long meandering story that involved some hearing loss early on (now corrected) and what I think is just a generally late development pattern with her. Currently, we are feeling really good about her progress. We've worked regularly with a speech therapist and every word and sentence she speaks now feels like a balmy bunch of salve to my fretful Mama soul. 

Last week, I checked Emerson and Ellie Jane into the YMCA play center so I could take a pilates class. The room had been scattered in balloons. As I chatted with the childcare employee and another mother, Emerson came up behind us with a balloon and said quietly,

"Cooze me teacha. Why awe dare blue bayoons hewe today?" (Excuse me teacher, why are there blue balloons here today?")

I had to abruptly stop all conversation to turn and exclaim loudly,


I'm sure the employee and Mom-friend found my over-enthusiasm a bit startling.

But I don't think I can adequately describe how every word and every sentence now spontaneously beginning to bubble out of her makes me feel. Tyler and I love nothing more than when she says something random, in a full sentence, and we can look up at each other in surprise, happiness and...relief.

So, the Emersonisms we celebrate today are things like:

"Mom, can i peeeeease seep in your bed?" (Mom, can I please sleep in your bed?)

"No! No!!! ten more meeenites! Ten more meeenites! (No! No! Ten more minutes!)

"Eyeee Jane did it." (Ellie Jane did it.)

"And Lulee is my shista and Yondon is my shista and Eyee Jane is my shista! I have free shistas!"
(...and Lily is my sister and London is my sister and Ellie Jane is my sister! I have three sisters!)

"*grunt* *grunt* {carrying a bag of groceries for me)....oh Mom! Dis is soooooo heeby."
(this is soooo heavy!)

"one, two, free, fouyee, five, six, sheveen, nine, eight, ten, eleben, fouteen, fourteen, nineteen, twinty!"
(Counting! Screw the order! We'll take it!)

I think that even if she ends up as the first female President of the United States someday, my heart's reaction to that wouldn't trump what I feel right now when we are having these first few conversations together.

 {Emerson and Ellie Jane, best best friends}

She's well on her way. 

And that makes us very happy.:)

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