Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Holiday Weekend Photo Dump

bike rides. fruit stands. working with a landscape designer on our yard (eeeeek!). because sometimes you gotta know when you're out of your depth and consult the professionals. sunshine. taking my girls for a day outing to the pretend city museum (so fun for them) all by myself. remembering how my mom took my siblings and i on countless outings all by herself. completely different perspective from this side. seriously, how? the poor woman. a breastfeeding infant, a toddler, and like 6 more kids in tow. it's funny. it's remarkable. it's heroic. got my sexy on for the world's most sexy husband. who rocked valentine's day this year. thanks my love. read a lot of my new book. felt happy. enormously happy. this is my life. pinch me.

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