Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's Friday! Links, thinks, and LOVE SWEET LLLLLOVE.

1. We have three Valentine class parties to attend tomorrow. These are the sorts of events that slap me hard with the reality that I actually am a mother. All of those damn sign-up sheets and papers and food allergy listings and class "Room-Mom" pressures. I still have moments when I'm waiting for MY mom to show up and take care of my life for me. I'm baking brownies for Emerson's preschool class because I am determined to do something to show my competence as a human being. We consistently show up 15 minutes late to class EVERY time. No joke. Chronically late loser here. Naturally, it only makes rational sense that a boxed brownie mix will fix all of this. 

2. Going out this weekend with my Valentine and planning to wear some thigh high boots. Datz right. Have you heard this Ted Talk? Perel also gave a full master lecture at my University available here online. Great insights. 

3. "I'm not waiting for leaders anymore. We are the leaders." The compassion collective has reported on donations! What I especially love about Momastery charity work is that it often only accepts certain donation amounts (like a MAXIMUM of $25. That's it?!), and their work is targeted and specific. My heart sometimes explodes when I see the thousands of people all over the world who give just a little, only to see how much a little can make BIG, HUGE things happen. I love that you can make your donation, and within a few weeks see exactly how the money was spent. Pictures, notes from the recipients, all of it. It becomes so real. 
It makes me feel like overwhelming, horrendous problems really can be helped by small, even shamefully painless gestures like me throwing a little of my starbucks money their way. I am so inspired by the women who run this. Check it out and read the latest (also, grab a box of tissues - your heart will break and heal simultaneously in so many good ways).

4. A neighbor invited us down to rob their flower bushes and lemon trees:

  I mean, come onnnnn.....could a late Wednesday afternoon possibly be more dreamy?:

 {photo by Lily. "Mom, I think I'm going be a photographer someday."}

(Someday I hope, when life may feel miserable or hard or unfair in any way for my girls,  that they will remember that one afternoon they rode their bikes on a sun-drenched day in February and filled their baskets with fresh lemons and flowers. In other words, they are impossibly lucky. No matter what.) 

5. We had this Valentine's FHE lesson last Monday and instituted The Love Bug. The lesson plan was simple and cute and the kiddos loved it. All items are free to download and print. The Love Bug popped up around our house as the girls made kind gestures to each other for the week.

(But I mean, let's be real. The super lovey dovey kindness lasted like 3 seconds...I feel like my girls were mostly a hot mess of bickering all week, truth be told. Sigh...defeated shrug...I guess you gotta just keep trying, right? )

6. Thrifted vase. $6. Score.


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