Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Photo dump: the weekend birthday surprise.

In all of my years of wife-ing, I'm pretty unbelievably lame when it comes to special anniversary or birthday gestures. Tyler and I kinda like to pride ourselves on being low key about such events. It's either the pressure is too stressful, or there isn't the money when you need it, or you build up all of these expectations only to have them somehow thwarted. It's become a bit of a sentimental joke that we prefer to go to Chili's for our wedding anniversary dinner celebrations. We'd spent most of our dating years eating there frequently (queso dip!), and then our early childbride poverty years, and now? Simplicity and lack of fanfare has become our thing.  Well, that is, besides the raucously naughty sex we have in our vehicle in Chili's parking lot.

{I'M KIDDING!.....or am I?} 

But THIS year, I was like Rachel, get it together. So! I secretly arranged for Tyler's parents to come down for the weekend (thanks Nonna and Pop!) to watch the girls, and I surprised my main man by showing up at his work last Friday with his bags packed. He was informed immediately that he would NOT be leaving work to go coach London's softball practice (as he had planned) but instead, would be on his way with this here superwife for a luxurious stay at a swanky hotel on the beach. All hail 32nd birthdays! 

So. much. relaxed. fun. 
We explored Laguna, Dana Point, and San Juan Capistrano together all weekend.

A weekend for our little marital record book, for sure. 
And, another reminder to me that being married to my best friend is one lucky adventure.


Lacy said...

Ahh you are the cutest. Totally dig the beard!

Katy Nicole. said...

You guys really are the cutest. So glad you took advantage of some time away with your man. HOT WIFEY alert!!!